Entrepreneur: Why You Should Follow Through With Your Commitments


commitmentUnderstanding and making proper commitments and keeping them are important to your success. If you commit to something, you should follow through until it is completed. If you are new at building your reputation for your online business, it is important that you fulfill the mission of your online business. Many people today make commitments that they can’t fulfill themselves. If you want to grow your authority, then you must focus on keeping your commitments.

The cost of “not keeping” your commitment could be much higher than you expect. Make time to understand what is at stake before you make a commitment. You need to fully analyze the implications of you not keeping the commitment. What will be the financial implications and what will be the social implications of you not keeping the commitment? Sometimes the financial implications are something you can live with but the social implications are something that would be of higher cost; something that you can’t win back easily.

Anyone who desires to be successful with their business must be like a fine craftsman. You must commit to excellence. A craftsman always works with care; always inspecting in finest details; and always wants to be better at what they do. In contrast, those that aren’t committed to what they do, they find excuses in their tools and other stuff for the sloppy progress they make.

Here is How You Can Manage the Discipline of Commitment

Once you make a decision to commitment to something, you must remind yourself daily of the commitment you’ve made. You need to remind yourself that you need to see this commitment through. You need to successfully complete the task at hand while life throws unnecessary things at you daily. To do this, make a note of your commitment and place it in your office where you can see it everyday or place it at home closer to a place where you would get to read it first thing every morning. By reminding yourself daily, you can refocus on the tasks required to fulfill the commitment. This way you can decide the tasks at hand everyday to achieve the commitment.

Don’t be a Quitter

You need to understand that keeping a commitment is not easy. You need to understand that you will have obstacles to overcome. You need to stay focus and you need to make the right decisions that will take you to the end. Many people fail in business because they call it quit too soon. For example, there are many people who want to make money blogging but they don’t have the patience to see it through. They setup a blog and expect to make money the second day. It doesn’t happen that way. If you setup a blog and you committed to provide quality content to readers, then continue posting quality content regularly; the money will eventually come. Don’t call it a quit early on.


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Marcos Ventura December 29, 2009 at 8:00 pm

Very good! Taste always to come here!
Exists a infinite school exists!
I am always ready to learn more…

Alexis Brille December 31, 2009 at 6:25 am

Beautifully said. All we gotta do is keep believing in ourselves, that’s the only secret, ;).

Guna December 31, 2009 at 9:53 am

You are right. If one don’t believe in them, how could they convince others? First they need to understand who they are and what they like to do, then they need to decide which commitments they should make and which they shouldn’t. Then only they can keep the ones they make.


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