How to get More User Engagement on Your Blog to Make Money

blogging_tipsONLY A TINY PERCENT of all published blogs in the online world becomes a magnet of earnings. The rest either gets lost in the online space or gets read a little but left miserably untouched after some seconds of being read half-hearted. While many bloggers contend that the success of a blog greatly depends on the topic being written about, whether it’s hot-stuff or not; the truth is, whatever topic a blogger writes about, a blog can be a big thing when it is written perfectly and strategically.

Why then do most blogs fail and get lost into oblivion, and sometimes, even left untouched by online users, except of course the blogger himself? In order to understand fully the right things to do when blogging, it is necessary to give a rundown of the most common errors a blogger commits. Here are some of them.

Why Do Most of the Blogs Fail?

Blogging Without Direction

The most common mistake a blogger commits is not knowing the purpose of his own blog. While most blogs are purely intended for exhausting one’s feelings, opinions and points of view, there are also blogs meant for business purposes like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), sales and marketing, advertising and the like. With a purpose in mind, one can make the right blog which can attract more readers, and eventually, more flow of cash.

Writing For No One

Failure to identify the target audience is another gaffe of a blogger. Once the purpose of a blog is determined, definitely, the target audience should be identified. By identifying the right people to “converse” with in a blog, your blog becomes more “personalized” in a sense, and appears as though you are speaking with your readers in person. This make the readers “connect” with you personally, making your flock of readers steady going and increasing as time passes.


This is another common mistake of a “fledgling” blogger. In all cases, maiden blog posts do not make huge cash instantly. It takes time before one establishes his blog and makes a name in this hugely-contested market. Because of the “adaptation” time needed for a blogger to make a name, many bloggers give up after blogging a little- seeing no improvement in his blogging career.

The truth is, in order to adapt into this competitive blogging environment, one needs to publish a regular “dose” of blog entries. This increases viewership and “fans”, so to speak. And luckily, by word of mouth, your blog can earn good reputations.

Blog Clutters

Everyone wants order. Practically nobody wants to scour over a much cluttered blog as it would eat up too much time. Internet users are fonder of being spoon-fed with contents and very rarely you will find a successful blog without any tags or categories. In keeping you blog organized and clutter-free, it is necessary to make use of available blog features such as tags and categories. More importantly, one should see to it that the tags used are properly constructed.

It still remains, however, that no person is born a perfect blogger. Many of the most successful bloggers today have acquired the perfect mix of skills in blogging through experience. And now that we’ve had a quick rundown of the common blunders of a blogger, it is important to apply these things when you make your next blog.

How to Make Your Readers Stay on Your Blog

A normal reader stays on a blog post and attempts to read the first few lines of it. If nothing on the early part of the blog post is found interesting or worth reading, the user leaves and looks for other articles. Some researches say that an average user initially reads less than twenty percent of the words of the entire blog post. This means that the introductory parts of the blog is very crucial, and plays as a determinant in the readership of an article.

Apart from that, the overall appearance of the blog is also a pre-cursor as to whether the article will have a good number of viewership. A blog that appears to be very dragging will most unlikely pique a reader to stay and read further. The same thing applies to blogs which is underwritten- say for example a blog with only two paragraphs or so.

Excited to create your own blog post? Wait up a second- knowing the blogging no-no’s is not enough. You should first learn the right things to do when blogging. Here are some of the most vital tips one should learn to make blog posts with impact!

Right Title= Good Readership

The title of your blog should be catchy. It should be constructed in such a way that out of the hundreds of blogs which a user can choose from, it would stand out and shine. Your blog post’s title is like a “free taste test” of your creation and it should be made a delectable as possible in order for customers to bite in and eat the whole lot.

Shaping the Body

As much as the introductory part of a blog, the body is also equally important. Although it is not the part which is initially read by users, some if not most avid readers skim through the body in order to get a partial gist of the entire article before reading in details. The length of the body, as mentioned earlier is also a thing to give focus to.

De-Jargonize Your Blog

Too much jargon and highfalutin words does not make any sense for an average user’s perception. It’s plain flaunting and nothing sensible can be acquired from it. Readers need something their intellect could grasp. If you are to write about teeth whitening solutions, it would be impractical to write about the major chemicals structure of the teeth and give all sorts of dental and medical lecture. No one would dare to read this, and if read, probably users would swear never to read again from your blog. Normally, one would not want to spend on something which would not bring them good information so present something worth reading- an article which can bring information to average readers.

Focus, Keep It Straight and Shoot!

An introductory part containing 300 to 500 words is a dragging article. Readers don’t want endless introductions and beating-around-the-bush, most especially avid readers who have, more or less, background knowledge on the topic they have in mind.

Sometimes, a blogger gets too enthusiastic and so into blogging about something in mind. This is a double edge as it can make things either better or worse. It would be productive if the blogger makes a perfectly written blog; it would be otherwise if the blogger has been too obsessed writing, to the extent of being less focused and topic-oriented. This way, the blog becomes a hodge-podge of information, a salad bowl of ideas which go into all directions.

This instance may happen even to those who have developed blogging proficiency because enthusiasm hits anyone at any point in time. In order to prevent these blogging blunders from happening, it is an alternative to create another blog post in deviation to the original blog. This way, the writer exhausts his enthusiasm without sacrificing the quality of the original blog.

Breaking Your Paragraphs

Sometimes, a paragraph becomes too long making it look too lazy to read, it’s like swallowing a huge piece of cake in one bite which makes you too full to eat another piece. Short and precise paragraphs are better to look at and easier to read, it’s like offering readers just about a piece of everything, making their reading experience worth the while.

Making use of paragraph headings, bullets or enumerations is also advisable. It helps the blog post look more organized. By this, the reader can understand the blog post in an orderly and organized manner.

Double Check Before Hitting the Button

A rule of thumb is never get too hasty. Sometimes, due to so much fervor, a blogger just blogs his way without any second thoughts about double-checking his article. This is a gaffe which should be avoided. Check everything first before heading into battle. Imagine the jungle there is in the online world- your blog would compete with millions of other blogs published on a daily basis. Certainly, your blog should be armed with good content, proper grammar and spelling and perfect construction.

Keeping Things In Order

A steady supply of blogs in your site will eventually create an online “library”  where interested users can spend their time reading your blog posts. Creating an orderly online archive of blogs is necessary so that users will not get virtually lost in your blog. With the help of tags and categories, users can have a smooth experience in browsing through your contents. This way, readers can be more enticed to find more and dig deeper into your archive.

Taking It To The Next Level

Now that you have created a well-constructed blog, it should be ready for publishing in the world-wide-web. However, the journey doesn’t end with just an endless cycle of creating blog posts and publishing them.

By publishing a steady stream of correctly written blog posts, you will notice the viewership of your blog increase day by day. And if news and reputations about your budding blog spreads like wildfire, it would be to your advantage. By this time, you should have kept your blog uncluttered and organized (as mentioned earlier on) to add more “reputation” to your site.

Blogging Bonuses on How to Make Money with Your Blog

Next level blogging also implies making something out of blogging. What makes blogging more interesting than other routines in the online world is that through blogging, one can earn a significant amount of earning.

After mastering the art of blogging, you should consider writing about the hottest topics and most-searched keywords. These blog posts may be just about anything from flower arrangements to best vacation spots- practically anything will popular will sell.

By writing about these terms and keywords, your blog might just make it big and may yield a big chance “clickability”. There are many affiliate programs in the world-wide-web which may offer you a chance to make something out of blogging.

“Adsensing” Your Blog

Google Adsense is a good example of a money making scheme which can be inculcated in your blog. In Google Adsense, your blog will be tweaked in order to contain links which are related to your blog posts. These links are directed to some websites which offer services and products. For every click your readers have made, you get a fair amount of commission or earning. Thus, your article should be a little more flaunting and promoting. You should keep in mind however the difference between advertising a product and nonsense spamming. Spamming can greatly hurt your reputation so be extra careful in publishing articles meant for advertising.

At this point, you are practically ready to blog. Remember that it takes time to make it big in the world of blogging, as it is a highly contested market. By keeping in mind these simple but very crucial steps in blogging, who knows, you might steadily climb up the ladder where contemporary blog celebrities have passed through painstakingly. Just learn by heart that the best blogs are founded on the best contents and are tested through time.

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John January 4, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Guna another wonderful posting to read. Many people expects to make money the first day and hence they fail. Every blogger should read this piece. Good work.


Dale Callahan January 5, 2010 at 10:36 am

Amen. Just like anything else – if you go in half-hearted and uncommitted – you will fail.
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Branchenverzeichnis January 5, 2010 at 11:10 am

Thats a very good Text, i found you on Twitter. >>>Breaking Your Paragraphs —Thats Infos for everyone! Thanks
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Jesse Doubek January 10, 2010 at 6:17 am

Hi There,

This was a great post about blogging and the many mistakes most Newbies make when starting out online. I will definitely make sure I keep the jargon and big words out of my posts. I will also keep the post coming in and make sure the information stays fresh, exciting and useful. Right now I am giving away a lot of information that I can’t even believe on my website so make sure you check it out…

Jesse Doubek
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Tom | Build That List January 10, 2010 at 3:17 pm

Great pot! I think people stay because they connect with the writer. People can get the same information from a multitude of places, no one can copy a bloggers ‘voice’!
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Everette Gabriele May 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm

You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren¡¯t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

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