How To Make Money with Your Web Site – Part 1

thinking_womanNowadays, the notion of a world-wide-web being considered no more than a means of communication, acquiring information and stuffs akin, is by now outmoded. The internet has gone a long, long way since its birth in the 1980s. If we would be tracing the timeline of internet as to how it was used before, and compare it to the “modern” way of taking advantage of it, the gap would be wider than we could envision.

The internet has a wide array of usage. Communication, information, socialization, entertainment, news and current events- almost everything we do in real life has a virtual equivalent. But among all these, probably the most important thing that keeps the online world in a fast paced revolution is the fact that the internet is virtually a gold rush. Fortune can be found on the internet and millions can attest to that. Everyday, people are making money on Internet through selling used items on eBay, making money through trading domains on NamePros, making money by freelancing through, etc, etc… This is just a quick glimpse of what is out there and in this series I am going to show you how you can also make money.

Well it may sound a little embellished but in truth, the internet can be a good spring of profits- no matter how old or how naive you are, no matter where you’re from, or what background you have. The internet is a portal of earnings and without a doubt, one can make money online easily through several verified and tested money-making methods. Here are some of the most vastly used techniques. In this part 1 of the Money Making series, I am going to talk about Making Money with your Blog.

Blogging Your Way – Make Money Blogging

It has swept the entire world-wide-web and probably, still the most used form of expression in the internet. Yes, we are referring to blogging. But blogging is not anymore considered only as a means of exhausting one’s feelings and stating one’s opinions about anything under the sun. Blogging is an effective means of earning money. Who would have thought that this previously simple leisure-pursuit of keeping one’s daily activities posted online could be a great spring of income?

Earning money through blogging is not an overnight process. Before one starts to earn a decent amount of money in this venture, it takes some weeks to months in order to have your blog established and recognized by readers.

Know Your Niche. First step is to identify a certain alcove of expertise in which the contents of your blog will revolve around. If home and gardening is your forte, creating a blog out of this flair could turn out great for you. Next thing to do is to sign up for a blog of your own- there are many sites available in the web which allows you to set up your own blog free of charge like Blogger, WordPress, and the like. If you want to be an instant webmaster and set up your own webpage, consider those cheap but reliable and efficient domains. You should take a look at my previous article on Niche Marketing Research: Finding Your Niche Market to learn more about how to research a niche and identify a niche. Once you identify a niche for your Blog, everything should fall into place. Don’t get started if you don’t have your Niche carved out. This would be one of my important advice to you on Blogging. You need to know what you are blogging about. If you don’t know, then you are going to be all over the place. Hence, you will not be successful.

Update Your Blog Regularly. After having your blog signed up for “operation”, next thing to do is to create contents and publish them regularly. Keeping a steady stream of contents is very nourishing to your blog as food is to human beings. Bear in mind however that there are some things to keep in mind in creating contents. You should refer to my previous post – How to get More User Engagement on Your Blog to Make Money – to help you get users on your blog. You need to write good content to gain Authority on the specific niche you’ve identified in the previous step.

The Power of Keywords. The most important tip in creating sizzling contents is to search for keywords which are pertinent to your content/ topic but at the same time, has a great “search” potential. Meaning, it is a must to inculcate keywords which are popular among the online community. This increases the chance of your blog or your article to be enlisted in any search engine’s top search results. You should learn to use Google Adwords Tool to gain access to the information on how many times a keyword has been search for over a time period. This information will give you an idea of what people are looking for. Then you can cater your Blog to satisfy their need.

You will soon notice that the number of readers who pass by your blog increases over time. The challenge now lies in making this traffic a significant one- that is, making money out of this traffic in your blog.

Here are a Few Ways for You to Make Money Blogging

As I said to you over and over again, you can make money from blogging. It can help you pay your bills for sure. Blogging can work for everyone but you have to be dedicated. I will repeat this again, if you are not dedicated, you will not make money blogging.

Adsense Your Blog

Once you have a specific niche and you are getting regular users, you can setup Google Adsense on your blog. This will generate money when people click on Google Ads that will be displayed on your site.

Introduce Affiliate Programs

By promoting affiliate programs on a blog, you can make more money than Google Adsense. For example, if you are only getting fifty cents per click through on Google Adsense, then it is going to take 100 clicks to make $50. However, if you join an affiliate program through Amazon or ClickBank, they may pay about $10 per successful sale. You may only need 25 click through with five people completing a purchase to make $50. The opportunity is greater with affiliate program but you must focus on offering products that are a good match for your own niche.

Pay Per Post for Blogging

You can make money by charging others to review their product, website, etc on your blog. Once you have a decent amount of traffic to your blog, other people may want to take advantage of your traffic. So they may offer you money to review their products or sites. This is simple and anyone can do this, but you need to make sure you are not just offering product and site reviews to your readers. This may be a turn off for your readers.

Sell Your Own Product (recommended)

I would encourage everyone to look into this way of monetizing a blog. If you want your blog to make lots of money, you need to offer your own product. It can be an eBook, a physical product, or even an opportunity. Once you establish a blog and you are ready to make your big move, think about what you can sell on your own to your readers. Imagine you sell a product for $25. It could be an eBook on your specific niche. You only need to sell two eBooks to make $50. Now, isn’t that easier than getting 100 people to click on Google Ads? I think so.

Direct Advertisement

You can sell direct advertisement on your blog and charge those that want to advertise on your site. This will work if your blog is established. Traffic is king for this sort of monetizing strategy.

Good luck to all of you. Look forward to Part 2 of this so you can learn how you can make money online. Please let me know if you find any of the methods that I’ve explained to you useful or if you have feedback for me on how I can provide more information on a specific monetization strategy. Your feedback, through a comment below, will help me provide better content in the future. So please don’t forget to leave a comment.

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