Google is Coming to Your Living Room – Meet Google TV

Google TV

Google TV

Google has announced today Google TV, an Internet-based TV platform that enables you to watch Television in your living room through devices from Sony and Logitech. Everyone loves Television and hence Google is moving into your living room. Google claims on it’s blog, about four billion people across the world watch TV and the average American spends five hours per day in front of one. This is enough for a player like Google to target that market. Google TV was unveiled with Sony, Logitech and Intel as partners.

This new venture by Google is to combine the best of both worlds – the Web and the Television. Each of them have their unique advantage. Web technology still doesn’t beat the quality of the picture presented by an HDTV Television. In the mean time, the Television doesn’t provide you with the flexibility and the freedom of the Web. Google’s idea is to combine the two and provide people with the fullest satisfaction

As an Entrepreneur, who mentor others, I think this move by Google is a smart move. The number I’ve provided you above are the number of new potential audiences for Google. This is enormous and will expand their advertising revenue (which is pretty much their only source of income). Google can reach the entire globe with their unit rather than just individual jurisdictions. Your local cable television provider is bound to certain areas, limitation on their ability to reach rural areas, etc. Google is able to get anywhere there is internet.

Google also claims the Google TV will allow you to not only watch millions of new channels, it will allow your TV to be a photo slideshow viewer, a gaming console, a music player, etc… This means Google TV will pretty much be your entertainment system. Today, I take advantage of Entertainment Media Player, XBMC. XBMC allows me to do exactly what Google is planning to do but I am limited to my local HDTV Antenna channels. However, I can store and view as many Blu-ray quality movies and shows as I want. For this I’ve built a new PC that is acting as my entertainment unit. It also allows me to surf the internet, and everything else my personal computer will allow me to do. Hence, would I consider switching to Google? No, not at the moment.

Google brings it’s on open platforms like Android and Google Chrome to allow many of these functionalities on Google TV. All of this will be built into your Sony and Logitech televisions, Blu-ray players and companion boxes designed by Sony and Logitech. Maybe more to be added down the road. Google TV will be available this fall.

This will be a handy tool for those that doesn’t know how to bring such experience to their television today. As I said, I use my own PC and XBMC to achieve many of these features. I browse the web, watch Youtube videos, watch television and recorded movies, and use any other application as I wish.

Why I am talking about this today on our Statups Website? Well I think this is a new startup for Google and I think from a business perspective, they are headed down the right path. Soon, if Google continues to move this way, we will all replace our operating systems with Google Chrome OS and use Google Android on all of our devices at home. This means, Google will not only know what you are searching on, they will know what time you wake up, what time you go to bed, what you store in your Refrigerator, and what you watch for entertainment.

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