Entrepreneurs: Simple Five Step Plan for Just About Everyone and Everything

thinking_womanI came across a blog post by Seth Godin today – Simple five step plan for just about everyone and everything. It was a simple post with few lines but he is absolutely right. This goes to all of the entrepreneurs out there – if you want to be successful, then you might as well follow the following five steps that Seth talks about.

  1. Go, make something happen.
  2. Do work you’re proud of.
  3. Treat people with respect.
  4. Make big promises and keep them.
  5. Ship it out the door.

Go, make something happen

It is not difficult to understand this. Why are you trying to be an entrepreneur if you are not going to make something happen? You have to have the passion to succeed on the things you are trying to do. If you are not going to make something happen, then move on to something else.

Do work you’re proud of

Success comes from passion. If you are not proud of the work you are doing, then it is time for you to move on to something else. As an entrepreneur, you have to be passionate about what you are about to do. If you are not, then you will most likely fail.

Treat people with respect

A must in my dictionary. People you deal with today could be your business partners tomorrow. You have to treat everyone with respect. Otherwise it will come and bite you when you really need their support.

Make big promises and keep them

Well don’t make promises if you can’t keep them. It is simple as that. You have to be able to make promises and keep them. If you don’t, people tend to distrust you. You will not gain their trust when you need help for yourself. If you want to create a good reputation, then learn to keep your promises. The payback will be huge!

Ship it out the door

I think Seth means this in an office environment. It would definitely fit the entrepreneur community as well. Get things off your table and get them out the door. You need to learn to make a decision and move on with things that are important for your business. If you keep piling them on your table then nothing gets done. Therefore you will not succeed.

I hope this little information helps you succeed. Please share your views in the comment section below.

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