The Giant Falls – Five Reasons Why Security Is Not a Reason for Google to Drop Microsoft

Indeed a brilliant move by Google to set the stage for it’s own Chrome OS. Google choose to “security” as an issue to abandon Microsoft.

Here are five reasons why I believe “Security issue” is a cover used by Google to set the stage for Chrome OS.

  1. Launch a public stunt against Microsoft – Google has the ability to reach mass market because they can. Look at me, I am taking time to write about it! They are using “security” as the main reason to let the people know that Microsoft sucks.
  2. Align with Apple the Next Target – People find it hilarious every time they hear about Apple vs Microsoft. This goes back to the early days when Microsoft was formed by Bill Gates. The theory is that Microsoft stole ideas from Apple and made it better!
  3. Release Chrome OS along with Apple to Google’s staff – a way to get the publicity started for Google Chrome OS. If you are employee of Google and you are given the choice between Apple and Chrome, which one would you pick? Chrome of course! Right?
  4. Stage Chrome OS as the best alternative – Once tested with the next market’s bigger player (Apple), Google can then publicly choose to abandon Apple. I am sure Mr. Jobs is probably wondering why am I getting this unnecessary attention now? He has the experience to know that it will come back to bite him later. Google will abandon Apple once Chrome OS is ready for mass production.
  5. Unleash Chrome OS – It’s that simple. Now all of a sudden, Google Chrome OS is the savior against security breach and people love it!

With Chrome OS just around the corner, it definitely make sense why Google is moving away from Microsoft in a very public way. Google isn’t loosing anything and Apple shouldn’t be celebrating this fame. It will come to an end for Apple as well.

You can read more about the news here on PC World.

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