10 Simple Steps to Killer Guest Posts That Works to Make Money

Location, location, location”, a common term most of you must have heard many times. It is a crucial term when it comes to real estate investment. Guess what, it is the same when it comes to online properties. This is why domain names are sold for millions of dollars. This is why websites with traffic sell for thousands of dollars. This is true when it comes to “Guest Posting” as well. You need to find top sites in your niche and then find a way to post a “guest post” on their site.

I am sure you have been looking into this and have been wondering why people don’t take advantage of it when it has been said time and time again, that “guest posting is the way to go to increase blog traffic and to make money on the internet.”

Well, why haven’t you started yet?

I am sure you are here today because you want to get started. Let me show you how you can get your guest post on top blogs with just a few simple steps. After I tell you how to do it, I will challenge you to submit a guest post right here. Yes to the one and only, StartupBooster Blog – Guest Post Submission!

Also, it is natural to feel that your post may be rejected and hence you procrastinate and not follow through. If you are feeling like this, let me tell you, you are not the only one. So if you want to succeed, do what others are afraid to do… that is to submit a guest post today to my blog and then tomorrow to others. Do not worry about rejection.

Now here are the 10 simple guaranteed steps to putting together a guest post and getting it accepted.

Are you with me so far?

Step 1 – Identify Guest Posting Opportunities and Review Their Guest Posting Guidelines

Identifying a guest posting opportunity shouldn’t be difficult. You must already have many of these blogs on your RSS feed reader. I can assure you that you must be visiting these websites on a regular basis to read their posts, etc but you never thought of submitting your own guest post to that particular blog.

Well let’s get started today. Go through your RSS Feed Reader. Identify all of the blogs that are of interest to you within your niche. Once you identify that, you go and read their guidelines to guest post submission.

Most of them only care about the following:

  • Relevant topic
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Original content

See like I said, it is very simple. You already know the topic you want to talk about. If you don’t identify a blog within your RSS feeds, then do a Google search for your niche. You will come across many blogs that will accept Guest Posting.

Step 2 – Get to Know the Blog

This is the step where many fail when it comes to blog guest posting. You need to get to know the blog and what gets published on that blog before you submit your guest post. You don’t want to submit something that will never be published on that blog… hence this step is crucial.

So browse through the blog. See what sort of guest posts have made it to the blog over the past few months. Some sites may be too new to guest posting, so you may want to look at the overall content to see what the blog owner is writing about.

You also should get to know the popular content on that blog. That particular blog must be attracting a specific crowd, and if you want to target that crowd, then you need to feed them what they want to hear.

You can research using the social media tools like Topsy and Delicious for this. Find out how many times a posting has been tweeted on Twitter or how many times it has been bookmarked on bookmarking sites like Delicious. You can do this without leaving the blog itself because many of them have numbers beside the blog post itself… so you can just note it on a piece of paper to identify the best content on the site.

Step 3 – Figure out What You Want to Write About

You’ve done your homework, not it is time to start writing. You know what is hot on the blog. Well then what are you waiting for? Do some Google search on similar topic and come up with a killer title and a few points to write about.

Once you have that in place you are set to go.

Step 4 – Write Your Post

Do whatever you have to do but do not step over this. You have to follow though this. If you don’t, you will never ever write a guest post. Trust me on this one. It is easy to procrastinate and not do a guest post.

Sit down, grab a coffee, pull up your laptop and start writing. Make sure you don’t copy a post from the same site. You have to be original and you have to add value to their users. You need to bring something to the table that is compelling and adds value. To make it easy, just brainstorm a few points for the title you’ve identified on the previous steps. Then do some research and bring forward killer content to your post.

It is time consuming but it can be done.

Step 5 – Work on Your Pitch

First impression makes a big difference just like in the real world! You need to make your pitch properly. You need to let the blog owner know that you are serious and you have a good post to submit. Please refrain from sending an email asking if you can submit a guest post on topic x, y or z. It doesn’t work like that. Once you have a guest post ready to go, you just need to submit it. That is how professionals do it. If you ask, then they are going to think you are not serious.

You just have to do it. Show them what you got instead of talking about it!

Step 6 – Link!

Go back to the research you have done in steps 2 and 3. Identify some good posts within their blog and link to them in your post. It is key to link to internal content within blog posting. The site owner will love this. Linking to old post helps with Search Engine Optimization and that is why the blog owner will love it. You are also giving credit to his or her previous work.

Step 7 – Add some Images!

Images are good for any posting. When you have relevant images in a guest post, the site owner will move you up the chain when it comes to deciding which guest post to pick from. Get a few screen shots or make one up and then include that in your guest post.

Step 8 – Add a Killer Bio of Yourself!

Yes you are almost done. Come up with a killer bio that will send some traffic your way. After all isn’t this why you are working on this guest post? Your bio should be precise and it should tell the visitor what you are all about. Convince the visitor that they should check your site for more of the same… please refrain from making the bio more than 3 sentences long. Also don’t self promote yourself! Just keep it simple and people will come.

Step 9 – Submit Your Post

Submit your post using the preferred way for that particular blog. Send everything they have asked for. Make sure you are meeting the guidelines.

Step 10 – Check for Your Guest Post and Promote

Most of the time a guest post will appear within a week. If not, you will at least get a comment back from the site owner that he or she will post your blog in the next few weeks. If you don’t get anything back, please send them an email after a week telling them that if they are not interested in your guest post, then you would like to submit elsewhere. If you don’t hear anything for that, then it is safe to submit your post to another blog.

Remember, if you have to submit to another site, you are not repeating many of the steps on my guide. All you have to do is find another relevant blog and submit your post. They will take it. So don’t get distracted at this point.
Most of these top blogs are busy and they don’t make as much time as they should for guest posting. Sometimes it is better to start off with a blog that is not on your top 10 list.

If your guest post is published, then you should do everything possible to market your post. Use social media and tell your friends about it. Let them promote it for you. Do everything you would do if that post was on your own blog.

Now here is the Challenge for You!

Well now that you have gone through this article, you must be pumped up to submit a guest post. I challenge you to submit a guest post right here at my site. Yes to startupbooster.com. This should help you break your fear and it will also give you a chance to discuss about the process.

I can guarantee you that I will get back to you and I will also give you feedback for your guest post submission. That will also help you prepare to tackle other blogs in the future. I am offering to help you get started.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Diana June 8, 2010 at 8:43 pm

hi Guna. I have been following your blog. This is a great resource and I really enjoyed this post. I will get my blog together and soon will come knocking on your door for a guest post.

All the best and god bless you.

Guna June 8, 2010 at 9:25 pm

Thank you Diana. That is very kind of you. I look forward to seeing your blog and your guest post. Please let me know if you need any advice on setting up your blog – re SEO, Wordpress, etc, etc.

You should also read this blog post that I’ve posted a few days ago:

How to Setup Your Own Blog and Make Money Online.

I think it will help you as well.


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