Make Money Online – Challenges Faced by Internet Marketers on Converting Traffic to Sales

This segment marks the second chapter of my discussion on the 10 Biggest Challenges Faced by Internet Marketers. Through this follow up topic, you work way into a successful Internet Marketer. Specifically, the current topic, website traffic conversion, will help you understand how website traffic can help you make money online.

In website traffic conversion, you don’t need to get 100,000 views only to have around 1,000 buy your products, it emphasizes on concentrating on 10,000 and actually managing to get 5000 or more to buy your products.

Website traffic generation is a key feature that you have to consider if you want to make money on the internet.

I’ve touched on my earlier chapter of this report, traffic generation, why I believe in the saying – Garbage in Garbage out. Basically if you are bringing in useless traffic to begin with and then if you don’t optimize your page to convert the few useful ones to customers, then you are not doing yourself any favor. You are wasting your time and money, hence you might as well figure out something else to do.

In order to be successful on the internet and make money, you need to understand a few key marketing techniques. This traffic conversion is one of them. You need to figure out these things from day one. You need to make sure you understand the fundamentals before heading down the path of making money on the internet.

Let’s look into this a little deeper in this chapter. I am assuming that by following the instructions provided on the first chapter, you are driving quality/targeted traffic to your website. Now we are going to focus on converting those visitors to customers. These are just a few ways of convincing your visitor to buy something or provide you with their email address. I could write books on this topic but I am going to try to stay high level to give you a quick overview. In my weekly newsletter I will try to cover some of this in more details.

What is a traffic conversion rate?

It’s important for every marketer to understand the concept of website traffic in relation to conversion rate.

Conversion rate for your website refers to the percentage of visitors who purchase products, sign up for updates (emails, newsletter, etc) and even download what you offer.

Website traffic conversion is crucial because it is the life of your business and website. Certainly, if majority of the users who visit your site will pay for what you offer, your Return on Investment or ROI (in terms of capital and Internet Marketing) will definitely be high.

You can constantly and progressively make money on the internet. In order to guarantee that there would be a high conversion rate, it’s important that you build credibility.

People will buy your products and patronize what you offer if they deem you legit and trustworthy.

Building Credibility

There is great customer turnout for websites with credible reputation. Since the internet is crammed with so many scams and fraudulent dealers, it pays to have a trustworthy reputation. Building credibility will help develop consumer loyalty and attract more customers. There are several ways to help build your website credibility:

  • Contact Information
  • Privacy Policy
  • Professional Web Design
  • Photos
  • Logos
  • Sales Pages or Sales Pitch

It’s important for you to satisfy these criteria to ensure that your site is trusted enough to convince consumers that it’s worthwhile to transact with you.

Contact Information

It’s all about providing the necessary information for people to easily contact and communicate with you. These days, the first thing that consumers look for is the contact information. It serves in the same way a badge works for the police.

People will find you trustworthy if you provide them your contact details. Stating your email address won’t do. Anyone can create an email address and anyone can even create a bogus account. Users won’t simply transact with you if you will only provide your email address.

Recent trends show that it’s highly unlikely that a buyer would provide credit card information to business with only their email address as means of communication. For clients to completely consider you as credible business operator and dealer, they usually demand the following things:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • A physical address
  • A business email address

This set of information proves that the business is a registered and existing. The location is proof of business registration. Although some are not as comfortable in displaying such information, it is necessary and a consumer won’t likely transact with you unless he/she personally finds the information.

It would be better if you can display your company information, address and phone number of each page of the website. The about us page should give sufficient information on the founders and people behind the business. Don’t expect to make money online without having to prove your credibility.

If you are a blog, and I know I don’t have everything here myself, I would recommend for you to provide as much information as possible. I am working on mine and hopefully soon will have it all updated as part of my revamp plan for the blog.

Privacy Policy

For your choice of domain registrar, they may in fact offer you the option of hiding your name and contact information. If you want users to trust you, make sure they know who they are dealing with. Many experts in the field suggest that a business operator or internet marketers use companies like Arin’s Whois to provide verifications that the company is really in existence.

The domain privacy option is flagged as something that only fraudulent businesses would opt for. In case you’re just operating the business within the comforts of your home, it might be good to indicate that it’s “house operated”.

Since your own landline may not be a good option for privacy purposes, try to register first a phone line which can you use for the business. In any case, you can use the following sites to generate your own private policy link for every page:

Professional Web Design

Examine your website draft and see how it looks. Does it project a credible image? Or does it give the impression that it’s just like someone else’s blog? Try to examine other reputable sites and compare it to your own.

Assess whether you have already achieved the level of professionalism that other well known sites have. If not, you might want to consider revising your website layout. In case you think that your design and layout skills are still not a match for the requirements of your business then it might be a good idea to see what options you have in fixing your website design.

Some of these options include:

  • Professional Layout Artist or Web Designer – It will probably a good option to have an expert handle your website design. However for small scale businesses this may not be a viable option. Don’t worry, there are still other options. If you use sites like elance or even some webmaster forums, you will be able to find very talented individuals for a very low cost.
  • Professional template – This is in fact a more affordable option. You can buy a professional template starting at $50. You can use different software applications such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage to make follow the template. In some cases, there’s no need to buy a template. You can just choose from a variety of HTML or CSS template. If you want your website to rank higher, make sure that you refrain from putting too much or even putting any dynamic and flash templates. The CSS and HTML template provides the best versatility in terms of coding and design options.
  • Graphic Design Application – A graphics software program with a base template provides the most considerable number of customizations. The templates can in fact be used with other programs such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage.

Remember, it takes patience and diligence to able to come up with a good website. Nonetheless, you certainly reap benefits if you put sufficient effort on it.

If you are operating a blog, I suggest you look into the Thesis Theme like I have on my blog. It is so much flexible and it allows you to do pretty much anything you want. You don’t need to be a programmer and don’t even need to know the code. You can check out Thesis Theme here.

Logos and Photos

Try to use a logo which is familiar but appealingly different from the rest of the logos around. Yes I am working on mine. As you already know, this is a new theme for my blog so my developer does not have the logo prepared yet.

The logo should help project confidence and credibility. Take note if you’re a part of a local chamber of comer or a business bureau.

Sometimes it is also better to provide personal photos of your top administration on your website along with a biography of each person. This adds so much more credibility to your website. If you are operating a blog, you should consider adding your photo along with your biography as well. People like to read from other credible people.

Sales Pitch

Aside from design and layout, the sales pitch is what will convince your visitors to check out and give your website a chance. As previously discussed, making money online is all about convincing your audience to buy what you offer.

The best way to convince your visitors to buy your products and pay for your services is to present a good sales pitch. There are five components in making a good sales pitch, these include: development or creation, details, differentiation, those who make the decision and delivery.

It’s also important in sales pitching that you have your own set of target consumers. This will help you devise a proper strategy. For instance, from your list, you can send out emails with eye catching leads. You can link the headline to a squeeze page where users would see your own or affiliate ads. You can also change the squeeze page into a sale page instead of ad oriented one.

Keep Track of Your Users

Try to see which attracts your users more: pages they frequently visit and which ones go unnoticed. Certainly, if you monitor their activities, you will have an idea on which strategies you should sustain and which ones you should revise.

It’s also possible to see which type or users you attract and which you don’t. Monitoring is crucial in planning and devising other internet marketing strategies.

Read more of this from my previous article: Know Your Customer Better to be Successful

Have Multiple Paths to Sale (Goal)

Don’t just rely on good website design and carefully crafted email messages. As much as possible always be on the lookout for other ways you can encourage sales and make money on the internet. Remember that making money online relies on being resourceful. Think of multiple funnels to put a user through so they actually buy your product.

See if putting videos or audio on the website will increase the credibility and boost the appeal of your products. Making money online is all about packaging. If you provide a good video or presentation about the product, you might even convince your users better.

So in other words, you need to have multiple paths leading to close a sale. You should have multiple sale/pitch pages that are the last step of campaigns. Your email campaign should lead to a separate sales page than your video campaign.

By having multiple campaigns and then tracking each user and the paths they take, you are able to easily figure out which is working and which is not working. This way you can improve something that is already working and then eliminate something that is not working. Otherwise, you may be wasting so much time on a campaign that is not working; rather than to spend more time on a campaign that is working to make it even better.

Test Test Testing is Very Crucial for Successful Internet Marketing

You must test all sort of lead generation strategies. You shouldn’t get settled in with one because you may be losing out on thousands of dollars. If you don’t try out new strategies, you will not know the real potential of your site.

If your conversion rate is low, medium or even high, you need to test strategies that are different from your current one. Try it out for a day or two and if it doesn’t work then go back to the old one. Some new ones may outperform your current strategy. That is why you need to test and try new ones. Don’t be afraid to do that.

Read one of my older posts on this topic: Why Testing is Crucial for Successful Marketing

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Kerry-ann Edge July 4, 2010 at 6:46 pm

You have gone into quite a lot of detail here. Traffic conversion is the what makes or breaks a business. It is probably easier getting traffic to the site than it is to get conversion rates up. Though billions of dollars are spent via online shopping people are still wary of scams and credit card theft. So being creditable is really important. Another important point about traffic conversion is the sums – the cost involved in getting traffic to a site compared to income made through sale. Income made needs to be higher than expense – something that business owners seem to forget when they go online!
.-= Kerry-ann Edge´s last blog ..Defining Internet Marketing =-.

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