Make Money Online – How to be a Successful Internet Marketer by Overcoming Distractions and Procrastinations

Have a plan and stick to it! Yes it is that simple.

I’ve discussed about this time and time again in the past about having a real plan and sticking to it and why it is important if you want to make any money on the internet.

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So instead of rewriting what I say all the time, I thought I would pick a section of a chapter from my eBook – How to Make Money with Startup Booster dot com. If you haven’t downloaded my eBook yet, you should fill in the form to the top right to receive your FREE copy today.

How to Make Sure You are Successful?

Do you know how to distinguish between a successful person from an unsuccessful one? If you don’t, it is easy. You just have to ask them a question about their goals and then listen to them about what they have to say. Usually the successful person would have a plan with a timeline for his or her goals. The unsuccessful person will talk about his or her goals without any solid plans.

The successful person will tell you when he or she will start and when they expect to hit certain milestones until they reach their goals. The unsuccessful person will count on being successful by trying without planning. The unsuccessful person will know how to dream but not how to achieve it systematically.

Well I want you to take one thing from this book if anything, I want you to be a good planner so you can execute well.

You can’t achieve your goal of making money online unless you have a solid plan with timelines attached to each milestone.

Defining your Goals

So today, take a piece of paper and jot down what you want to do. Ask yourself the question, why are you here and why did you choose to download my e-book. Within the answers to those questions, you will definitely find out where you want to be when you are successful. Ask yourself when you want to reach that success stage – for example, how would everything it look at the end?

Let’s look at an example, how about a goal to make money from blogging? Well this is a broad goal. You are not telling yourself what you want to write about and when you want to be successful.

A goal should be something like this:

“I want to make money blogging about “how to make money online for beginners” and I want to make about $250 per month by end of this year (2010). This will help me pay for my hosting services and also give me some money to purchase advertisement to continue to grow my site. In 2011, I want to reinvest the money I make from the blog and grow to a level where I am making $2500 per month by end of 2011… to get to this stage, I plan on investing about 30 minutes daily to write new content for my blog in 2010 and then if I reach my 2010 goals, I will invest additional time to really reach a stage where I can replace my existing income with blogging income.”

Now this is detailed. It talks about what exactly this person wants to blog about and what they consider a success. You can see from this quote that this person actually wants to spend a few hours weekly but eventually want to work on the blog to replace their existing income.

This definitely is a realistic goal and it can certainly be achieved. This person has milestones where they can measure their success.

Having milestones for your goal is important. You need to know if you are making progress or not. If you are not making progress, then do something about it. Either find something else to do or find out why you are not making any progress.

So in conclusion, you must define goals that are realistic. You need to commit time for your goal and it should be quantified. You need to break down your goal into milestones and attach a target date for each milestone. Once you have this figured out, you should be able to move to the planning stage.

Take it serious and think of it just like a business you own. Will you slack off if you own a business? I guess not.

How to Come up With a Plan to Make Money Online?

I really want you to think about this. Now that you have written down your goal, what kind of effort are you going to put into this to make it happen? You have to come up with a serious quantifiable number for the amount of time you can commit to this new venture and how much money you can spend to make it happen.

Take it this way; imagine today you have just landed a part-time job that commits to only pay you monthly starting in two months.

Now if it is still being difficult for you to commit, then just stop and think about this… how you would feel with an extra $1,000 coming in every single month and how that extra money would help your current situation. If you find that additional money helpful, how would it help to free up your time?

For some people, this extra $1,000 means they don’t have to work overtime at their current job. For others, this means they can give up their part-time job. What would this mean for you?

Then ask yourself the question, what am I willing to do today to make that extra $1,000 per month permanently. By going through this exercise, you will be able to arrive at quantifiable numbers that will help you build a solid plan.

So going back to our example on blogging to make money, by now you are able to determine how much time you are able to commit on a weekly basis for your new venture.

Once you have that information, you then have to decide when you will launch your site. In order to launch your site, you will need to have a place to host your site. More details about where to host, etc will be discussed in Chapter 3.

This early part where you are spending time reading this e-book and putting time on making a plan, would seem like a waste of time. Let me assure you, it will not be a waste of a time. You are just laying your foundation for a great success.

And if you feel that I am repeating, then you’ve guessed it right. Yes I am repeating to make sure you don’t waste your time. I want you to take something from this e-book and be successful.

So let me say it again, successfully making money online depends on your commitment to see it through. You have to have a plan so you can measure yourself. Without a plan, you don’t know if you are going down the right direction, if you are making money or if you will ever be successful.

Come up with a realistic plan with timelines that are reasonable to meet and stick to it. You will be successful.

Just as a cautionary point, please don’t set deadlines that are unrealistic. Don’t say you want to make money online within a month or a week. This will only make you a failure and you will not have any motivation to continue once you reach the deadline.

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