Make Money Online – Internet Marketers Challenges with Creating Content

This is chapter seven of a 10 part serious on “Challenges Faced by Internet Marketers.” If you haven’t read the previous six chapters, please go here to read it – 10 Biggest Challenges Faced by Internet Marketers.

There are many techniques and platforms used in internet marketing. From publishing blogs to advertising to other sites, it all boils down to your content. Regardless of what online platform you will use, you will have to develop content.

You have to create what you will say to other people. However, although content is a primary concern to make money on the internet, there are still internet marketers who find it quite challenging.

This may have something to do with allotting time and juggling internet marketing tasks. If you’re planning to make money online then it’s best that you work on your content.

A good content is what convinces people to buy from you. Regardless of how much or how little you know about the niche you just became involved in, there are many ways you can develop content for your site. Read on to find out how.

What is Content in Today’s Internet world?

There are many types of content in the virtual world. The internet market is crowded with so many social media tools and even publishing sites that people can actually provide and update what they want to say on a regular basis. It may be professionally or casually written.

It really doesn’t matter. There are so many platforms a person can use to share to the world what they have to say. In your case, it’s important to distinguish which type of content can help you with marketing and with making money online.

You have to constantly update your site/brand with content so it’s best to learn the options you have. Different types of web content include:


Blogs usually tend to have a more personal approach. Since most people use it as a means to express their personal thoughts, opinions, emotions and experiences, it became a way for people to learn more about a person despite the geographic location.

You can use blogs to update your personal ideas and talk personally to the kind of market you want to target. Talking to potential consumers in a personal way may in fact be more beneficial. It’s easier to build trust and credibility if people find that they can actually interact with you.


A video is considered as an interactive approach that lets you play more with your imagination and creativity. Videos are used for different things: advertisements, leisure, tutorials and even in advocacy. In today’s world, the leader of the pack is YouTube.

If people want to learn or find out about something aside from reading content online, they refer to videos. Some people actually find it easier to view messages in such format because they tend to be precise and entertaining. If you want for people to appreciate you more, it’s a good idea to create a video that can both entertain and educate people.


Pictures and images are also considered valuable content in today’s virtual world. They help break the monotony of texts and provide a better idea of what the text is talking about.

Pictures/images are great for aesthetic and publicity purposes. If it’s not possible to put up videos, pictures/images can help sketch out the message.


People on the go and busy usually prefer twitter over other platforms. They get to update their status (limited to less than 140 characters) and see what other people are also doing. Twitter allows attachment such as links, photos and even videos as a link within the short text they get to update. This can also be considered micro-blogging. A quick way to post your thoughts in simple plain language rather than writing paragraphs like this article.


SlideShare is a categorized as a business media site where people and organizations can share their documents, presentations and even pdf files. It allows people to comment regularly on some contents uploaded, it also allows marking uploaded presentations and files as favorites.

It provides a download function and social media links like LinkedIn. Files uploaded may also be featured in Twitter and Facebook depending on the preferences of the individual. Usually companies use Slideshare to generate leads and help them attract customers.


Facebook is today’s largest social media network. With more than 400 million users, people can virtually share anything using Facebook. The “status” boxes, “like” functions and even applications have revolutionized how people can interact with each other.

People can share their approval or thoughts on whatever a persons posts. From pictures, notes, videos, photos (where you can tag other people) and even links and websites. There’s no limit to amount and kind of info you can share other people.

Your Website

Is another form of content where you are mainly in charge of everything. From design, ads, content and even functions. You get to design how you want to appear to people.

Having No Time to Create Content

For sites that are too busy to even plan and create really high quality content, they often stick to the usual news releases and regular site updates on business. However, you if you really want to make money on the internet, you have to do better than that.

Go beyond the status quo and take advantage of social media marketing and true content marketing. Content creation is something that should be done regularly and should be one of your concerns. You can’t simply say that there are others you have to do in marketing because content is the driving force of any marketing strategy. Learn to treat content as your first priority.

You can consult or hire a third party to help you with content. There are many providers offering content services at affordable prices. You can conceptualize what you want to say and have someone do it for you. Content creation and update should be on a regular basis if you want to keep afloat in this competitive arena.

How to Create Rich Content

The content you have on your site or other links will usually be the first thing that a prospective customer will see. For you to create a good impression it’s very essential that you have quality content ready. If you want to sell and make money online then try to project an air of professionalism.

Let people realize that you know what you’re knowledgeable in the field. Quality content gives potential clients the reassurance that they are dealing with a credible person or entity.

Keep you content informative and extremely relevant. Keep updating because this will draw people back and they will want to know more. Always consider providing value.

You don’t just promote, you provide people with quality content that will also serve as good added knowledge. If people don’t see anything relevant, they’ll just go elsewhere. You have to be honest and be participative in the niche you’re involved in. This will help you build credibility.

Don’t create content just because you need to, create it because it’ll be the life of your business. It’ll tell people who you are and why they should trust you.

This goes without saying that content should be written with impeccable grammar and prose and spelling. Poor writing skills can contradict the kind of value you’re trying to project.
How to come up with new content

The best way to gain knowledge and come up with idea for your content is to actively participate in your niche community. Read on relevant information and see what people are currently talking about. If you know what’s happening and what people still need to know then you can come up with a content that both showcases and addresses such. Browse through different blogs with the same areas of concern.

Go over the comments and see if a user has contributed valuable information or asked for something. The blog comments can easily be your next content. This will not only attract people but it will also tell them that you are well aware of their concerns.

Other means you can develop content from, include:

Forum posting

Many forum topics are extremely relevant. See which topics are greatly attracting a lot of participation from users and make that your own content. Since forums are limited, you can eventually provide a new platform where people can learn more.

Lessons you’ve learned or relevant experience

Nothing is more appealing and convincing than an account of something that you’ve actually experienced. This will help create your credibility and eliminate doubts from people’s minds.

Information from other people

What better way to show users that you’re in fact dedicated in giving them the best but to interview and give them information straight from industry leaders? You can arrange even a brief interview with an expert and add that to your content to have more value.

If you want to make money on the internet then invest in your content. How you talk to people and what you tell them can ultimately draw in a good fan base. A good foundation (in terms of credibility and value) and relationship with your potential clients is what will make you sell.

How do you come up with your content? Share your views please with the rest of our readers.

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Marijan Sivric July 12, 2010 at 5:45 am

Great post…I was never even thinking about using forums to get ideas for my website’s content! 🙁 Thanks!

Jens P. Berget July 13, 2010 at 8:22 am

I have used discussion forums for a while, and when I provide good content and an interesting signature, I always receive traffic.

I receive good traffic from blogs, twitter and facebook, but I haven’t tested slideshare yet. Looks interesting, and a great tip.
.-= Jens P. Berget´s last blog ..How To Interrupt Blog Visitors =-.

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