Make Money Online – Internet Marketers Challenges with Building Backlinks

This is the final chapter of a 10 part series on Challenges faced by Internet Marketers. In the previous nine chapters, I’ve covered a lot of ground on internet marketing. I hope you had the chance to read them. If you haven’t, I encourage you to read them before reading this final chapter.

As an internet marketer, it’s highly likely that you’ve come across concepts such as search engine optimization and back links more than once. Since the first time people realized that they can make money online, the virtual market has completely changed.

These days you can make money on the internet not only though placing ads on website but also through making your website visible to many search engines (ex. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). For internet marketers to make money online, they have to attract as much potential clients as possible. In this case, ranking in search engines has been one of the most lucrative forms of marketing.

Millions of people are using search engines and to rank high in the page results means getting as much visitors to see you. However, to be able to rank high, you should understand how search engine optimization or SEO works.

Basically, SEO deals with putting in related keywords on the site and linking it from other networks to increase its credibility and relevance. The main building blocks of such are: keywords and back linking. These two components can either help you succeed making money online or the opposite. Read on to find out how you can.

What is a backlink?

A back link refers to an inward link directed to your website. This inward link may have or may not have a corresponding outward link. For instance, page A is linked to page B. The link that directs back from page B to page A is called the backlink.

Another example would be finding a useful article online and displaying a link on your website. Your website becomes the backlink for the article. Basically, any link which is not from the original website and that connects to another is considered the backlink.

If you’re going to use a backlink it’s also important that you know how to check how many sites have linked back to your own. Since you’re going to use it for the business, the number of backlinks should give you an idea on how useful your site has become.

One way to do so is through Back link Checker tool or iWebtool Backlink Checker. There are many other paid ones but for this purpose, these free tools are sufficient.

Backlinks are very important because they can contribute to your search engine ranking. The better rank you get the better chances that you have to make money on the internet.

What is the significance of backlinks?

Backlinks are important because their frequency determines how popular or relevant your website has become. Backlinks are essential in optimizing a website. For instance, Google usually gives credits to a website with a considerable number of backlinks.

The search engine tends to consider websites with more backlinks as relevant as opposed to websites with just a few. A website with a good number of backlinks often earns a good rank in the search page results.

However, search engines do not consider the number of backlinks alone. The inbound links should also be of quality. This means that it’s not enough for a website to get backlinks from random sites. Link juice, which is a commonly used term in SEO will be low if you are one of 100 links on a page. Link juice will be much high if you are the only outbound link from a page.

Search engines also evaluate the content of the linked website to see whether the link is made because the content of the original site is relevant or it was just linked for the purpose of increasing the number of backlinks. Only sites with similar and relevant content are considered. The more relevant the website is to your own site the higher the quality of the inbound link and the more credits you can get from search engines.

If your website is about dogs or dog products then the sites linking back to you should also be about dogs instead of random things like car racing. In other words if you are getting links from relevant sources, then your link juice will be high.

Since backlinking to other sites is simply easy, search engines have raised the level of credits in their search page results. Anyone can simply gain a considerable amount of backlink given the number of websites online.

However, getting backlinks from the same relevant site is another thing. It takes hard work and considerable amount of time to build such network. The purpose of search engines raising the level of backlink credits is to provide a more accurate and relevant results.

Clearly, there’s no point in raising the rank of a website with backlinks scattered at random sites. The business owner may just be the one behind it and people might not actually find the site helpful. This also helps prevent any sneaky and fraudulent strategies that some “scammers” may have up their sleeves.

Why quality matters for backlinks?

Aside from getting higher page points and a higher page rank, backlinks are also important because it helps attract more visitors to your site. This is very important to entrepreneurs because you need just as much traffic as possible to make the sales.

Since backlinks are linked to other relevant sites, they also ensure that they attract your targeted market. Basically, you can’t launch a site and expect people to just find it. As a marketer, it is your job to point the way and be seen.

How to build backlinks?

There are several ways to build backlinks for your site, these include:

Article marketing

The best way to market your article is through article submission. Commonly, article databases allow you to provide a link back to your site for every article that you pass and get published. Make sure that the quality of the article is really good because if the quality of your articles is really good, other sites will also use your content as reference. You can get a significant number of backlinks to your site.


You can develop your content using such. Usually, these sites are for informational articles. Thus, if the pages you have here links back to your site, you also get a quality backlink.

Backlink Builder Tool

Since it’s important to have high quality inward links, you have to be able to find networks similar to your own. This tool can help you find websites with similar themes to your own. This can considerably help you trim down the amount of your work you need to build a good network of sites. Link – Backlink Builder Tool.

Blog Commenting

You can gain good amount of backlinks by just participating in blogs that are in your niche. You leave a relevant comment along with your URL. Most blogs allow a link back to your site as part of comments.

Forum Posting

You can also participate in relevant forums and gain backlinks as part of your forum signature.

Why a support group/buddy system is important for marketing?

A support group is important in developing quality backlinks. They can function as both your colleagues and competitors. Basically, these are the same people or websites within your niche.

Through this support group you can each link your site to each other. This is considered a quality link in most cases because the support group also has the same theme in their websites.

It’s like a marketing community. However, it is important to maintain the quality of sites. Google and other search engines are very stringent these days when it comes to reciprocal linking. It’s important that the mutual agreement does not sacrifice the quality of the content.

Make sure to take these things into consideration. To make money online, you have to be able to develop a good solid reputation and presence in the market.

In today’s social media market, it is good to have a buddy system. You can rely on them to pass your sites/content on to their followers. It will definitely help you get quality traffic to your site and also expose you to search engines, etc.

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thushy July 15, 2010 at 1:02 am

Thanks for the Post Guna, It’s clearly explain how to make money on the internet with new tech nicks.

Make money online | Business @ Home July 16, 2010 at 12:29 pm

Hi ,

This are basic points which are must to follow once you start blogging.

Consistently doing this is very important , most of the time what happen guys do this rapidly for few days then leave it totally which decreases site ranking . Consistentcy is the key to success in creating back links.

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