Why Flipping Will Not Help You in the Long Run

So in the past we’ve talked a number of times about flipping websites or building a website from scratch and selling it. Essentially flipping it quickly so you can cash in some money in the short term. So what am I saying here today? Well what I am saying here today is that, unless you work on building a business, your day to day flipping of businesses online is not going to help you in the long run. To Make Money On the Internet and to have the guarantee that you will be able to make $X every year, you need to have a foundation.

This foundation will make sure you are making money a residual income, over and over again without having to search for potential customers every time. If you haven’t read my posting on “Advantage of Having an Online Income – One-time versus Residual Income“, I suggest you give that a read as well.

If you are doing business on the internet on a day to day basis without building a foundation, a base, a true business, for yourself, then you are making a BIG MISTAKE. It doesn’t matter what you do. You could be a reseller on the eBay, you could be a domain name flipper, you could be a designer, a graphic artist, a web developer, etc, etc… it does not matter. If you are doing business on the internet, you need to start building a foundation, a business for yourself. You need to start funneling all of your leads to your business.

Now – How many of you run your online venture as a business? Do you treat it just like you would treat a franchise business?

You should all be treating your online business just like any other business that you would operate. You need to set goals and strategy and work hard to achieve them.

So basically with this story, I want you to build a list of potential leads. Don’t just do business with an individual once and then forget about them. Get them to your business website and get them to subscribe to your newsletter so you can hit them again and again with new products in the future.

If  you are not collecting and building a database of contacts, a network of your own, then  you are making a BIG MISTAKE. You shouldn’t have to go back and find new leads every time.

We are entering a new era. We are entering the social media economy. You need to be more efficient and you need to have a network. If you don’t have a network,  you are going to be left behind while others that do have it succeeds.

How do you go around to build a network?

It doesn’t matter what you do online – just have a blog. Do you have a blog? Your own blog? If not, you should start one right away. This is going to be your business. Use this blog to brand yourself. Start building a list of potential leads.

Don’t worry too much if you are not a good writer. You can hire others to write for you or you can even create a video blog. All you need is a place where you can funnel all of your business contacts to a blog and then get them to subscribe to your email list.

If you don’t have a blog, you should download my free e-book that I offer on my blog. It will guide you through setting up your own blog. Please please please, start today. You won’t regret it and trust me. In a year you will come back to me and tell me how much you are enjoying your new business model.

Why this Business Model will Work On the Internet?

This model will work because it allows you to market your product to previous customers or visitors to your site; hence you do not have to work as hard to find a customer as your list grows. This model will allow you to build a list of potential customers. Whenever you have a new product, you can offer to your existing contacts. Basically at some point, once the list is large enough, you will only have to market your products to your list only to make enough money!

How to Build a List?

Give something away for free in return for a user to subscribe to your blog. There are many other blogs that just ask for people to subscribe without giving anything in return. Stand out by offering a free product. Write a 10 page PDF report for your niche and give that away. You will be surprised with a jump in your subscription.

So Why Flip?

Well let me make this clear. Flipping will make you money. It will make you money on the short term. If you want to make money on the long term without having to work hard, you need to start building your own contact list. The members for your contact list may come from your flipping business. That’s great. Just make sure after your transaction, they subscribe to your blog for future business opportunities.

I hope you find this information useful. If you enjoyed reading it, please use the bookmarking buttons below to share it with your friends and others on the internet. Thank you.

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