How to Convert Visitors to Your Blog to Avid Fans

Every blogger’s vision includes having a set of avid readers – his or her own fan base. Having a solid “fan base” helps a lot in maintaining and even gaining more traffic. Once you have an avid fan base, it becomes easier for you to Make Money on the Internet.

As a blogger you will need all the consistency that you can get particularly because regardless of how many times a blog is viewed, it is often likely that a lot of those views may not come back. People have many choices. There are ton of content, mostly garbage, on the internet. You need to learn to gain your visitors trust and convert them into avid fans.

That is, users don’t come back because of two primary reasons: they don’t find your blog helpful/interesting or they just accidentally clicked on the blog’s link. Either case, you have to make sure that you retain your page views. You have to solidify your reputation and one way to do this is to get your own set of devoted readers.

If possible, you have to target making every user or visitor into an avid patron. Having avid readers helps you blog in different ways: they help provide consistent page views and they can even refer your blog within their own networks. These are the very users that will also participate on your blog. The are the users that will leave a comment on  your  blog,  hence even increasing the credibility of your blog.

They can serve as your marketers. Here are some simple tips to help you convert users into your own readers:

  • Be simple and professional – people will likely regard you as an authority or someone trustworthy if they see your professionalism. One way to project a professional aura is by offering readers a good yet simple template. Having a polished and sophisticated blog not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your blog but it also helps visitors feel at ease as they go over your content. A good template enhances the reading experience so make sure that you invest enough on this. The template allows visitors to feel comfortable. Flashy designs will also drive them away. It’s important to provide visitors with a user friendly interface. If they can easily access your site then they also easily access different pages and content that you have to offer. See to it that information is not cluttered or too condensed. Anything that provides ease to the access of the blog is a plus point and one step closer in helping turn visitors to avid patrons.
  • Good blog content – having a good design is not enough, you have to make sure that you also provide good information. A good template can only do so much but a good and well presented content is the key in converting users to your devoted readers. If users feel that they can learn a lot from you then it’s highly likely that they will come back for more. However, you have to be extremely careful and writing and presenting your information. You have to make sure that your content is also amusing while keeping it informative. Try to study your target audience and see what blogs they prefer. By examining other blogs, you can get a good idea on how you can approach your audience.

You may want to interact more with your readers to add a personal touch and build good rapport. It’s important that users don’t feel intimated. Once you’ve established good rapport, you’ll certainly have them as avid patrons.

Basically you need to engage your users and make them feel part of your blog. You need to show them the true you and invite them to be part of your Blog. When users feel comfortable with you and your blog, they will help you Make Money on the Internet and it will be much easier to do so.

Have I gained your trust? I hope so. Please share this with your friends by clicking on the social bookmarking buttons below. Also please leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas on how to make a blog visitor an avid fan of yours.

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