ThankThank Notes to Help Businesses Network Effectively

Today we are reviewing a website that was submitted to us by Kristen Carney. On their website it says, “you can quickly send handwritten notes for all occasions–from new customers to new babies. You’ve got a million tasks on your to-do list. Let us handle handwriting, hand-addressing, stamping and mailing your customized notes.”

This seems like a great service if it in fact works. I always wanted to send hand written thank you notes but never get around to them. If you get around to do it, they make wonders but many people don’t do them. Piles of sticky notes end up covering my desk and then they all end up in the garbage. This service could be effective if it indeed send hand written notes to the customers.


I’ve asked a few questions Kristen.

What is your Vision:

ThankThank Notes help businesses send handwritten messages to their customers efficiently.

What is your Business Plan or model:

Customers pay for each note they send.

Why did you Start this Business:

Customized, handwritten notes are truly remarkable in this age of IMs and emails. But who has time to sit down and write them?

How are you Planning to market it:

SEO, Google Ad Words, Social Media

Who are the founders of this website business?

Kristen Carney

Where are you located?


When did you Start This Business?

October 2010

How are You Different than Your Competitors?

We provide handwritten notes, and we will integrate with the tools that our users currently use (i.e. SalesForce, Highrise).

Anything else You want to Say?

Customized, handwritten notes are truly remarkable in this age of IMs and emails. But who has time to sit down and write them?

ThankThank Notes uses web tools and a staff of college students to automate the handwriting, hand-addressing, stamping and mailing of handwritten messages for busy entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

Also a little more on How We Got Started

The company was started by 2 entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas who were building an online business. We decided to send every new customer a handwritten thank you note.

Even after hearing again and again how much our new customers appreciated receiving a note, it was still hard to find time in our busy schedules to write notes. So we built the ThankThank web app, found dependable students with neat handwriting and freed ourselves to focus on revenue generating activities while still expressing gratitude to our new customers.

Please visit ThankThank Notes.

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Kristen October 22, 2010 at 10:05 am


Thanks so much for covering ThankThank Notes on your blog! I know you’ve got some questions on if we can make good on our claim to help folks send handwritten notes efficiently. Please give us a try, and put us to the test.

I’d love to get your thoughts on what we’re doing well and more importantly, how we can improve! Thanks again.
.-= Kristen´s last blog ..Gary V- Saying Thank You as Business Strategy =-.

Guna October 22, 2010 at 8:30 pm

Kristen – I like your site and I will definitely give it a try next time I need to send a hand written note. However, based on your FAQ, it seems you don’t send cards to Canada. That is where I am from and would mainly send thank you notes to.

One suggestion I wanted to make is for you to consider taking bulk orders. For example, the other day I had an fundraising event for a friend of mine who is running for Public Office. I wanted to send thank you notes to around 25 guests that supported the event. If a service like yours open up and take a bulk order – with the same message to all – it will be probably help people like myself. When someone order bulk, it should also cost less because you are pretty much writing the same on 25 cards.

Just a thought for you to consider. Let me know what you think.

I like to follow your progress. Keep me posted. Would love to write again.


Matt Kelly October 24, 2010 at 4:42 am

Much has been written about poor follow up with prospects and customers by Sales People. This system makes it easy and genuine! Love it!

Kristen October 25, 2010 at 10:32 am

Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll definitely check into sending cards from Canada. You’re not the first Canadian to request this option, so I need to get cracking on this functionality.

The majority of our customers today do send out bulk notes (10 to 30 notes at a time). I’ve thought about a graduated pricing model for those sending out more notes. As of right now, I really like the simplicity of all notes are $3 per note. It makes pricing easy to understand. As we get more bulk senders, I’m going to keep asking their opinions about graduated pricing with discounts for bulk senders.

Thanks so much for checking out ThankThank notes and for your feedback! I hope we can make it easier for sales folks to follow up with their prospects and customers.

.-= Kristen´s last blog ..Gary V- Saying Thank You as Business Strategy =-.

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