One Solid Way to Make Money on the Internet – Reverse Engineer Flippa Sales

Most of you would have definitely heard of Flippa. It is a place to buy and sell websites. Most of the days you will find real niche websites that are profitable for sale. There are buyers with money always on the sidelines looking for great opportunities to come by.

So how can you take advantage of this so you can also make money on the internet?

The answer is simple. Reverse Engineer a Flippa sale so you can make money online. There is a lot of information you can gather about a website when it is listed for sale on Flippa. If you don’t find relevant information listed on the sales page, then just simply send a message to the seller and ask them all you want. By the time you are done with it, you will have a lot of information about the technique and methods used to make that particular website profitable. From there on, it is very simple to build your own site with the methods you’ve learned from the site.

Steps to Achieve this:

  1. Go to and see what is mostly active or what has recently been sold for a good price
  2. Take a look at the track record of the seller. Make sure the seller has good standings with Flippa. There are many sellers on Flippa and other similar sites that will scam you and make things up that isn’t true. You don’t want to duplicate a site to find out that it doesn’t work. You want to duplicate a site that is truly making money.
  3. Read the auction page very carefully. Take notes to see how the site functions and how the seller monetizes the site. The auction page itself will reveal a lot of good information. Find out which affiliate networks the seller is using.
  4. Ask the Seller – ask any questions that you don’t have answers to. Ask the seller which affiliate programs they use and how they run their ad campaign, etc, etc… Always demonstrate to the seller that you are an interested buyer of the site. They will always give you more details to convince you to bid on the site. They won’t share the information if the site is fake! That is the case most of the times.
  5. Take a look at the technical side of things now. Figure out if you can duplicate the site yourself. If not, find a freelancer and have the site duplicated. It shouldn’t take much time nor money. Don’t bother duplicated complicated sites. Start off with sites that are simple but making money with through a unique concept.
  6. Get the site up and running. Insert your affiliate networks code to the system. If you don’t have accounts with these networks, you should apply for them.
  7. Now learn more about their keyword advertising campaign they are using so you can drive the same traffic to your site. Use tools such as to get that information. KeywordSpy, which you may need a premium account, will steal the keywords they are using and a lot more information. You can essentially replicate their ad campaign.

Once you have all of this ready to go. You are golden. You can just simply setup the campaign and sit back and earn money. If you get bored with it, take it to Flippa and you can sell it for the same price as the original site or even more.

This method is really good for PPC related sites. Most sites that are sold on Flippa uses PPC to monetize so this method will definitely work. To Make Money on the Internet, you have to be creative and have to be able to think outside the box. This method is thinking outside the box and learning from others.

Keep me posted of your success. Good luck.

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Mikey November 10, 2010 at 8:25 pm

You don’t have to limit it just to PPC campaigns either, it’s just something that is quite transparent and expensive to test if you don’t have a profitable campaign to copy.

I think this can be done for many kind of websites. All you have to do is learn their concepts and make sure their system is real.

Jen MacDonald November 10, 2010 at 10:32 pm

I have been doing this for a while now using Flippa stats but you are right; you have to really be careful with fake sites. There are many assholes out there that would lie through their teeth and sell crap on the website.

You have to do your due diligence carefully and make sure the site is real before you go any further.

Joe Hernandez March 24, 2011 at 2:14 pm

This is something that I’ve done to a smaller extent, and have added keyword lists, etc., to swipe files for niche ideas. It’s nice to know what keywords are driving traffic to a site that’s making $1000 a month for example.

At the same time, I would be hesitant to put up a site for sale on Flippa for the same reason, unless I was abandoning completely that niche.

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