13 Quick Ways to Make Money on The Internet

Everybody can use an extra source of income. What better way to earn that extra money than to use the very technology that everyone is using and you’re completely familiar with? The internet offers countless money making opportunities. You really can make money on the internet. Don’t need to know too many things but just need to know the demand out there. Depending on your area of expertise or your interests, you may just find the online world as a lucrative field. From those who like to interact with people, gamers and entrepreneurs, there are hundreds of ways to earn money online. Scan over these recommended money making opportunities and see which one fits you best.

  1. Article Writing – websites are all vying for good content. Good content maintains the lifeline of websites and the stream of visitors. Often, website owners outsource their content and if you’re someone with a passion for writing then this might be the right gig for you. You will find that there are just too many potential employers. Depending on the niche, you can probably find a steady employment online.
  2. Moderating Forums – just like how website owners outsource writers, forums and online communities also look for forum moderators. You can get paid for a certain fee while looking over the online community and maintaining the site.
  3. Forum Posting – if moderating is not your thing then perhaps you should try your luck posting in forums. There are clients who hire forum posters to help jumpstart their forums. You can be paid around $0.10-$0.25 per post depending on the contractor. In either case, you can earn money by simply participating and sharing a piece of your mind.
  4. Blog and Ad Revenue – this one of the most popular types of making money online. You can publish your own blog and have a steady stream of readers. Once you get the much needed traffic, you can offer your blog space for ads and generate revenue over it.
  5. Guest Author Gig – this is applicable for higher quality sites and companies that have large scale operations. You get join a writing community or organization and get paid for writing articles on number websites. Pay ranges from $20 – $400 depending on your article and the traffic it generates. The more readers you gain, the higher the company can pay you.
  6. Forum Signature for Ad Revenue – if you’re already part of countless forums then you can offer your signature space as ad space. This opportunity is ideal for those actively participating in different threads. This money making opportunity is a good way to fuse your hobbies with.
  7. Podcast – making videos and “broadcasting” them can generate a good set of audience especially if you’re vide is extremely relevant. Just like in blogs, you can offer spaces or slots in your podcast for ads.
  8. Transcribing and translating – there are clients who look for people who can tribe audio recording for them. Your pay usually depends on the duration of the audio to transcribe. Further, if you speak more than one language then you can also offer translating services online. There are many companies who want their documents translated into different languages to reach a varied set of audience. You can get paid on a per word or document basis.
  9. Coaching and Counseling – geographic location is no longer problem so people who need help can turn address their concerns online. If you’re a qualified coach or counselor, you can start your own website or helpline and make money online. There are people willing to pay on a per hour basis to get the much needed help. A word of caution though, it’s important that you back up your expertise.
  10. Online Gaming – play poker or any game and win prizes. If you’re a gaming enthusiast and boasts of some serious gaming skills then you can just make a living out of online gaming. There are many gaming tournaments and even online casinos offer real money prizes.
  11. Online Store – selling online can be a lucrative venture. Many people are opting to shop online for convenience so you might as well take advantage of it. See which products sell fast and good and which ones can you acquire. Make sure that you offer payment methods and guarantee that customers perceive you as a credible dealer.
  12. Do referrals – there are companies who pay for good referrals. These companies usually try to outsource recruiters than having to go through all the trouble of looking for applicants. See if you can apply as a recruiter or find companies that are looking for referral personnel.
  13. Linking websites – some sites need good quality links to attract traffic and work their way up the search engine rank. You can be a link broker and connect sites with each other. It’s either you help sites find a link or help individuals sell their own link. In either case, you can earn considerable income if you can sell and refer quality links.

These are just some of the ways you can make money online. Some may seem a bit challenging but taking time to learn and understand how things work should make them easier. If you can get started with any of these then you can proceed to bigger money making opportunities in the future. Making money online is all about investing in the right foundation. See which opportunity you can do best and which ones you can do at your own convenience.

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