Why 95% Of You Will Fail in 2011 – #1 Reason Why You will Not Make Money on the Internet

You probably wonder why I am starting off with such a negative posting as my first post for 2011. Well the truth is that about 95% of us will fail in 2011. We will not meet our goals nor get anywhere closer to where we want to be at the end of the year. I have been putting a lot of thought into StartupBoooster.com itself. I was trying to figure out where I want to be by end of the year. During that thought process, I thought I need to share my findings with you so you don’t waste your year as well.

A year is a very long time to waste. A year could be defined as having 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8, 760 hours or 525,600 minutes. I don’t want to get into seconds. Now that is a heck of a lot of minutes to waste! Do you really want to waste it this year? Well what would you have done differently if you were to go back in time to 2010 that would have made your year (2010) a successful year?

You may wonder where I am going with this. Well my friend, today I am going to lay it out for you why you will fail this year. It is then up to you to make sure you don’t fall into the trap like the rest of the 95% of the Entrepreneurs that wants to make money on the internet will. If you have an answer to the question I’ve posed above regarding going back to 2010, that is good. Unfortunately with today’s technology,  you can’t go back in time. That time has passed. You will never get it back. However, you still have a choice to implement them for 2011! With a fresh year ahead of us, let’s start off fresh.

This post will be a bit lengthy. So I suggest you grab a coffee before you start reading it but MAKE SURE you DO READ the entire post. I don’t want to have to tell you that “I said so when 2012 rolls around!

Are you ready to dig in a little deeper? Well the sad part is that about 95 % of the people that are trying to make money on the internet will fail at the end. You could be a web designer, you could be an internet marketer, SEO guru or whatever you call yourself.

Most of you will give up after wasting so much time and money. You will waste money because there are thousands of marketing materials and money making online materials out there on the internet. You are literally flooded with information such as ebooks, coaching, membership sites promising to make you a millionaire overnight, manuals, etc, etc. Their sales pitch to sell you the material is so convincing that it is hard to say “NO” and click away. I have done this many times myself. I have purchased eBooks that I’ve regretted the next morning because I wouldn’t know what to do with it OR the book didn’t give me anything more than what I already know.

DO YOU AGREE WITH ME SO FAR? How many of you have wasted money like this?

Now let me ask you this – Why are you reading this post? What will you do at the end of reading this post? Go back to what you do normally OR will you take action? Write down the answer and continue to read. We will get back to it.

Majority of the time, in my case all the time, we don’t go back to return the material we bought. We are true entrepreneurs and we don’t want to steal efforts put in by other entrepreneurs. Therefore, we suck it up and move on. Only thing is that we have less money in our pocket for the real expenses.

Please don’t take me wrong. Nothing is wrong with most of the marketing materials available online. Their intention is to help you make money on the internet. They do provide good information that you may already know. But it is you that have to do the work. It is you that can make a difference. They are not going to do it for you. This is the real challenge.

So in summary, you may belong to one of the following groups of people:

  1. You have a big dream but you haven’t taken any steps to fulfill your dreams. You don’t know where to start so you stumbled upon my posting. Well I am glad you did! Make sure you read the rest.
  2. You have been doing this for a while. You have purchased ton of materials promising to make you money online. You’ve implemented every one of those tips and techniques. However, you are not achieving your goals. You find it that no matter how closely you stick to the materials, you are not making huge strides.
  3. You have been online too. You’ve bought some materials but instead of implementing what is suggested in those materials, you are constantly on the look out for someone to hand over a golden key to internet money making opportunities. You are just procrastinating and hoping that the door will open for you real soon.
  4. You have been online too for a while. You’ve bought some materials as well. You have implemented a few things suggested on the materials but you spend most of the times on Forums and other sites digging for more and more insights on to how you can quickly make money. However, you are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Then its you. You bought every single promising materials out there. You participate in many member forums and paid forums. Instead of implementing what you learn everyday, you are jumping from one branch to the other. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! All you want to do is to make money on the internet but don’t know where to start?
  6. and finally its you. You are making money online. You have had some success but your dreams are big. You know what you need to do to achieve your goals and dreams but for some odd reason, you are filled with excuses. You are just not taking the steps required to achieve your dreams.


There may be other scenarios out there but I am sure you belong to one of the groups mentioned above. No matter which group you belong to, the reason why you are not making money on the internet is SAME FOR ALL!

So what is that strange factor that connects all of the above groups and keeping you from being a successful entrepreneur? What makes you different from successful people?

What am I talking about?

Well before we go any further, how many of you have actually made a New Year’s resolution this year? How many of you have made similar resolutions last few years? How many of you have actually kept them?

Well let me tell you something. If you have kept them, you will probably not be reading this article. You will probably be cruising in a nice paradise island for the holidays.

So now, let’s get back to my point why about 95% of you will NOT make money on the internet this year. Are you ready for this?

I have just finished reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. I strongly recommend you consider reading this book. It is not a new book but it has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. In that book, Covey talks about human programming – not so in those words but he is referring to scripts that are operating in our system on a daily basis. Those scripts define who we are and how we handle all of the situations. Those scripts will define our success.

Covey talks about how majority of those scripts are provided to us through our parents, our friends and family when we were young. Basically someone else wrote the program for you! Strange eh if you think about it.

Many of us don’t realize that those scripts are running within us on a daily basis. Covey says, “the way we see the problem is the problem.” We are programmed from the early days in a certain way. In order for you to be successful, you need to start looking from within – an inside out way rather than looking from outside in. You have all the solutions and the knowledge required for success. There is nothing secret out there that is going to make you million dollars online overnight. You need to build a base and you need to build it slowly. That is going to take time but you need to first look at the programs that are currently running in your brain – your system – YOU!


The difference between successful people and the 95% of the people that will fail this year, is that the successful people know how to exercise initiative and the rest don’t. It takes initiatives to create success. It means understanding yourself and reprogramming your scripts so that you can be successful. Yes get rid of the programs that were programmed by someone else for you.

Many successful people take advantage of weak people to build their wealth. Weak people tend to be reactive and they continue to believe they will never be successful as his/her boss, peers, etc. These reactive language is programmed into their brains as built-in boundaries. Imaginary boundaries to success. They are not real but it provides the weak with an excuse not to believe the alternative is possible.

These scripts are embedded in our belief system. Therefore with these scripts still running, we are unable to…

  • be successful in anything we do
  • set higher goals because we don’t believe we can reach them
  • confront problems when it arises and believe me we all have problems to deal with on a regular basis
  • get a pay increase because we don’t know how to ask
  • fulfill the dreams of the children and family
  • live the live to the fullest
  • etc, etc…

Why because these scripts are programmed to tell us that we will never be successful with anything. Therefore strengthening our own inner belief system will help us succeed in real life. It will help us succeed with online marketing so we can make money online.

So How to ACT instead of being ACTED UPON?

Well it is simple. Just like you can modify or erase a software script from your computer, you can do the same for your own system. You just need to believe that you can do it. So find the script that is holding you back. See how you need to reprogram it. Make the changes in your head and live the life with the new script – yes the “can do script.”

Your belief system will either make you successful or make you fail. Once you learn to program yourself, you will be able to make everything a success. Not just to make money on the internet but also to deal with everyday problems in your lives.

So going back to the above six groups – no matter which group you belong to, your success will be limited by your inner belief system. Start reaching out to the other successful people. Create a relationship with them. Appreciate their relationship. Contribute and start building wealth for yourself.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you spent couple of hundred dollars to buy an eBook. In that eBook it talks about building a foundation around an email list. So you pull together a website and started with marketing. So far you’ve paid for the eBook and the designer for the website.

Now you are pumped up. In your own eyes, the site looks wonderful. You want to get the email list going so you go and join Google Adwords. You want to do some ad campaign to drive your initial traffic. You do some quick keyword research; pick a few keywords and setup your ads overnight.

Google started to send you some good traffic within a few hours. You stay up all night checking your email list for new sign ups… a few hours later, you see your first subscriber. You are excited! A few hours pass by. Now the next day has gone by. So far you have manage to grow your list to 3 subscribers. However, your Google Adwords account says they have sent in 500+ people to your website.

At that point, you may say – “oh well, it is just starting to come in and that you may need to change the website’s look and feel a little and the sales page.”

So you go off and spend a little bit more money with your web designer. Now you believe you got a convincing website or a blog and that your sales page is good to capture your subscribers. Well Google Adwords is continuing to send people but after 7 days, you only have about 10 people and 2 have already unsubscribed. Therefore, leaving only 8.

You thought you were going to have about 250+ subscribers by now and that you will be on your way to make lots of money. You are disappointed. Your Google Adwords account used up some cash to send all those visitors to your site. No one wanted to sign up with you. You basically believe that you are late in the game. There are better sites out there and that people will never go with what you have to offer. YOU GIVE UP!!!

It goes on and on and on until you either run out of money or your partner or your parents kicks you out of the home. You are programmed to try something quickly without a lot of thought into it and then give up.

This sort of failures only going to provide reassurance to your existing “can’t do script” that is is functioning properly. It is going to continue to strengthen your belief system that you will never be successful no matter how hard you try.

So working within that boundary belief system, as an Internet Marketer, you will never make money on the internet. You will only make others richer!


Just take a break if you haven’t already. Just sit back and relax. Think about how you conduct business on a regular basis. Think how you can reprogram a certain script that will make you be more proactive and successful. Stop spending so much time gathering information after information. Take action!

Take your time to proactively plan out your new venture. Don’t just run and buy a new eBook or subscribe to a paid membership. there are ton of programs out there that is free. Just like this article, there are many articles out there that will help you. You don’t necessarily have to pay to learn. You just have to sit back and plan it properly.

So in conclusion, you will fail if you don’t change your own belief system. Get rid of your self-imposed limits and boundaries. Believe that you can do it. Start building it slowly and don’t try to make millions overnight. It takes time but if you plan it right, you will be the next millionaire to make lots of money on the internet.

What Action Will You Take?

Now going back to the question I’ve posed above – What are you planning to do after reading this post? Why did you read it? Why I am asking you this question is that I want you to take something with you. I want you to take action and do something for yourself in 2011. I want you to believe that you that you will be successful.

Download my free ebook and subscribe to my newsletter. I will keep you posted on my progress this year. I am just in the middle of hiring a full time Virtual Assistant out of Philippines to help me. I will share my experience with you.

Good luck and God Bless You in 2011! I wish you a prosperous year…

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James January 3, 2011 at 8:14 pm

What a wonderful post. I really find this useful and yes you have sort of kicked my ass to get started properly this year. I belong to group #5!

Himanshu Chanda January 4, 2011 at 9:50 pm

This was a detailed Kick I would say 🙂 Yup nothing can beat taking action
.-= Himanshu Chanda´s last blog ..Why New Year resolutions just don’t work =-.

Simon Duck January 5, 2011 at 4:44 am

I think I fall into category number 6, I’ve been making some money for a while now, made a quite a bit a few years ago and am dreaming big to get back to those days. I am going to do it though! :p. Luckily I don’t tend to buy into all of these ebooks and such, saving me a lot of money.

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