A Review of Frently dot com – Rent Someone Today!

We’ve got a latest site that has just been up this New Year – January 1, 2011. www.frently.com is a new website that offers new and unique features to all. According to Stefan Alexiew the founder of frently.com and a college student of University of Las Vegas Nevada, the website offers users the chance to put themselves and their skills, knowledge, talents, expertise, wisdom, interests, and almost everything else they are capable of doing, up for “rent”. Anything goes. Thats right, they could offer anything up for rent.

This is a new scheme of finding people around the world with all the personal attributes you are looking for. Take your time reviewing the detailed information about www.frently.com.

Below are some information we’ve gathered from Stefan.

URL of the website:

Website: http://www.frently.com

The vision of the Business:

Frently.com offers users the chance to put themselves and their skills, knowledge, talents, expertise, wisdom, interests, and almost everything else they are capable of doing, up for “rent”. From platonic friendships, just a friend to go shopping with, to someone to teach you to play guitar or a dance partner for an event, you can rent all sorts of people on Frently.com. We saw a need for this type of service because there are too many dating sites that match people by interests, hobbies, etc. but there aren’t any of these services to find people for anything else including just a platonic friendship. Nowadays, people have busy and hectic lives and rarely have time to make any new acquaintances and do or learn new things, so we created a service to make this instant and very accessible to anyone.

This website is great because it gives people a chance to earn money while doing the things they love doing. We try to capture what makes each individual unique and what they have to offer to others and help them use it to their advantage. For example, say someone knows how to play guitar and they love doing it, they can put themselves up for rent and offer informal guitar lessons to anyone seeking. Someone could go on our site seeking guitar lessons and type in guitar on our unique search form to find this person and “rent” them for a agreed upon fee. It is a very revolutionary concept that allows people to connect in a unique and different way. Everyone has something to offer for “rent” no matter who they are or where they live. From an interesting story and conversation, to meeting someone famous and hanging out with them for a day, to even learning how to skydive, the possibilities are endless with www.frently.com

The Business Plan or model:

The frently team would like to expand the website worldwide to a point where if anyone seeks a private party for any service, friendship, or anything else, they will go to frently.com. Eventually the goal is to create a perfect search engine for people that have something to offer anywhere in the world. The website is about the people, not small businesses, not huge companies, just the average person that has something to offer the world.

The Background of the Website:

Because there’s a need for people to connect in a way that focuses on their capabilities, attributes, experience, and knowledge rather than the 100’s of dating websites and people looking for love connections. There is a lack of real platonic friendships being made on the internet even though it has become such a huge part of people’s lives. That is why www.frently.com starts.

Plans to Market:

Google Ad Words, Facebook, Twitter

Founder of the website:

Stefan Alexiev – a college student at University of Las Vegas Nevada.

Location of the website where it starts:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Date when this Website started:


Difference from other Competitors:

There are sites which offer some features like frently.com does but no matter how they try to convince people they’re not, they’re still a dating site. The key difference, among many others, that sets us apart from them is that we offer a search engine which helps users find people that have particular attributes, capabilities, or interests and much more. Rentafriend only lets users to type in a zip code and scroll through pictures until they see someone they might want to hang out with…. which in essence is how a dating site works. We try to capture what makes every individual unique and what they have to offer, rather than just their looks and location. We also have a community page where people can post what they are looking for (example: someone that can cook at a special event or a dance partner for a wedding) and people looking to make some extra cash can search and find something that they can do for someone local, for a fee.

We offer many ways to communicate such as webcam, email, chat, facebook, twitter, phone, and more so that it fits all of our member’s needs and wants. Our competitor does not nearly have as many features as well as a easy to use interface and that is how we are different from our competitors.

Comments from the founder:

I do not have any technical web design or programming background so I was forced to hire a coder to create the site for me. After many delays, the site is up and we have gotten a lot of interest because of the unique and strange concept of “renting” people. I appreciate your time and consideration to be featured on your site. Thank you and have a great day.

Please visit: http://www.frently.com

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Janine January 8, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Thank you for the share. This is a great site for me to make a few dollars on!

Sara November 1, 2011 at 10:17 pm

Great start!!!
We are in same field which is the rental but we focus on peer-to-peer rentals

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