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Choosing which is the best among the rest is indeed comparing things, people, products, etc. Today, we’ve got an innovative site to review which claims to provide an easy tool to compare everything and find out which is better and best. It is a multi-user site wherein users can use and participate in comparing, voting and rating its contents. comes into the online world bringing new concepts and services to offer. Spend some time to read more detailed information about how this site works and how it benefits you.


Here’s the conversation between me and Alexis

What is Your Vision for this Business?

The slogan is “compare everything, your imagination will have no limit!”.
We want to provide an easy tool to create and share collaborative and interactive comparison matrix about everything (any domain). Users can also rate, vote and comment the content. Data are published under open license and can be updated by members, such as wikipedia works. Bloggers/webmasters can use this service embedding nice comparative tables on their blog/website and allowing their readers to participate and maintain them, or voting/rating the table’s content…

What is the Business Plan or model?

Advertising first, affiliation, premium accounts later

Why Did You Start this Website?

We wanted to compare unusual things (not only prices and products) such as places to give birth, and we wanted be able to maintain the table content by a large community to be sure to have latest updated information.

How are You Planning to market it?

Building a community and regularly add new content, SEO, Get blog reviews about our innovative service, Social Media (blog, twitter, facebook)..

Who are the Founders of this Website?

Alexis Fruhinsholz and Vanina Berger

Where are You Located?


When Did you Start this Website?

15 november 2010

How are you Different from Your Competitors?

Not exactly the same concept. Some competitors are: Price comparisons websites that cannot compare everything and do not let users enter the content. Spreadsheets/databases oriented services that provide less social, collaborative and interactive matrix (SocialCompare enables various criteria such as image, video, ratings, vote, and finally comments…).

Tell Me More About You or Your Business:

Here is a video presenting the website:

Here is another video introducing how to create a comparison:

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