Collegeprepready dot com – Prepares Students for College and Onwards

We want to be assured before we get into college that we will be successful in our careers. But do we have proper guidance and tools to lead us to the horizon of success?

We will be reviewing a site which offers tools, learning materials, guidance and tutorials to help students prepare for college life.  The site also offers news, projects and events to enhance the learning development of the students before attending college. is your partner in achieving your successful college careers. Take some time to read the detailed information about the site.

Here’s the inputs from the founder of
What is the URL of Your Website?

What is Your Vision for this Business?

ALH Group provides educational consulting, tutoring, and expert speaker services through the CollegePrep Ready for future college students and their families. Our motto “Every success begins as a thought…Think.See.Do.” We stand on that principle for every student.

What is the Business Plan or model?

My business plan is structured to create a variety of products (books and courses) and services (consulting, webinars, workshops, speaking) to reach the target market (future college students and their families).

Why Did You Start this Website?

I started this website because I had challenges during the college application process, college experience, and after college. I want to show other students and families how to avoid roadblocks during the college experience.

How are You Planning to market it?

I am planning to market with multiple methods including through my blog, website, social networking (Twitter and Facebook), radio show interviews, and newsletter.

Who are the Founders of this Website?

Ashley Hill

Where are You Located?

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

When Did you Start this Website?

July 2010

How are you Different from Your Competitors?

Yes, I have many competitors. I provide multiple methods for clients to receive my services and a more comprehensive preparation package for clients.

Tell Me More About You or Your Business:

I desire to expand my business to a national and international level. Also, I would like to market to students in other languages in the future.

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