Quojax site review – Meet Privacy – Your Private Social Profiles

Today, we are again reviewing another social network site which has different approach in connecting people. Its main feature is to let every member has full control over their profiles – privacy for their profiles, photos, emails, blogs, etc. This is a better way to connect with friends whom you only can trust and therefore have a peace of mind. However, if you want to open up your profile contents, you have the command and have the full control to change the privacy settings of your profiles. However, by default your profile is in private mode.

Quojax.com offers various services to their registered members. Aside from free sign-ups, they offer mail, blogs, groups, profiles, photos, voting and participating in any of the discussions. This is the site where emails, social profiles, blogs, groups, forums, and followers are combined to form a new social network.

Let’s check out how Clyde has to share with us about the so-called the privacy based social network site.

What is the URL of Your Website?


What is Your Vision for this Business?

QuoJax’s vision is to provide users privacy and control on the Internet – over their data, content, and communication.

What is the Business Plan or model?

The business model is based on a point system (half-cent micro transactions) called Quo. Just about everything you do on QuoJax will make use of Quo – either reducing the amount you have, or adding to your total (for example, sending mail and posting a blog will use Quo, whereas receiving mail and having blogs viewed, will earn Quo). Why is this beneficial? We make use of Quo to prevent and stop spam; to prevent excessive, over-created, and unwanted content; and to enable us to monetize QuoJax through half-cent micro-transactions, allowing us to keep advertisers out of the system. This means that you, as a member, can control who can contact you, at what cost others share with you, and who can see your content.

QuoJax does NOT sell any member data.

Why Did You Start this Website?

QuoJax first originated due to unwanted email that cluttered in boxes. So, in an effort to better control communication, QuoJax was created. Since then, it has evolved into a social platform that puts member privacy first.

How are You Planning to market it?

We currently market through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Who are the Founders of this Website?

Clyde Hull

Where are You Located?

Rochester, NY

When Did you Start this Website?

May 1, 2010

How are you Different from Your Competitors?

Of course. Facebook, Diaspora, pip.io, frid.ge, and many more. QuoJax’s unique factor is Quo. QuoJax doesn’t just put privacy first. The concept of Quo truly provides members a way to take control of what’s happening – not to mention, everything is private by default.

Tell Me More About You or Your Business:

QuoJax currently has the following feature set: Mail, Blogs, Groups, Profiles, Photos, and Voting (allowing members to vote on new features, charitable donations, and other various topics). More features are in the works.

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