HippocraticSolutions.com Site Review – Expediting Billings

Today’s site review is focusing on the medical statements billing. As medical personnel are very busy attending their patients, there’s also a bulk of transactions in the administrative offices comprising the billing systems. Due to this situation, www.Hippocraticsolutions.com comes to help medical staff save more time and effort by taking good care and doing the billing system.

Hippocratic Solutions is really an abundantly supplied support organization that gives medical statements billing, trespass assortment, exercise administration talking to as well as advertising services.

Hippocratic Solutions – Healthcare Billing

Hippocratic Solutions generates the particular charge inside the program after evaluation and also proof of the numbered costs by Qualified Professional Programmers. The center transmits insurance policy claims to the right payors, produces regular individual assertions, as well as maintains data. Almost all promises tend to be submitted in electronic format, except for people payors who do not take electronic digital declare submissions or become a huge hit claims that want additional documentation.

Hippocratic Solutions allocates obligations, denials and also rejection rules, as well as decides appeals inside payment difference coming from discussed contract to genuine insurance policy transaction.

For more information, I am supplying below the information that Aaron Perez tells about www.hippocraticsolutions.com.

What is the URL of Your Website?


What is Your Vision for this Business?

Hippocratic Solutions provides the Highest Quality of Medical Claims Billing for Podiatry Billing, Cardiology Billing, Urology Billing, Debt Collection, Practice Fusion & Many Other Specialized Practices Billing.
Call now for a Free Quote : (866) 305-3911

What is the Business Plan or model?

To offer fair pricing for doctors.

Why Did You Start this Website?

Because my business revolves around medical billing and we are looking to expand our horizons.

How are You Planning to market it?

Via our website / google adwords

Who are the Founders of this Website?

Peter Koukounas

Where are You Located?

New Jersey

When Did you Start this Website?


How are you Different from Your Competitors?

No competition

Tell Me More About You or Your Business:

Busy medical offices can be a challenging work environment. While staff members are trying to keep up with patient schedules, administrative tasks are mounting and phones ringing. Streamlining costly office procedures with the help from a reputable medical billing company such as Hippocratic Solutions can save both time and money.

A Web-based billing service, Hippocratic Solutions provides real-time electronic claims filing and insurance verification so you can divert your attention to more important matters. Whether that means spending an extra 10 minutes with each patient or taking a much-needed vacation, once you outsource your manual billing procedures to a Hippocratic Solution electronic claims filing service, you’ll never turn back.

Hippocratic Solutions makes medical billing painless. With years of experience freeing up doctors, increasing revenue, and saving a bundle of time, this reputable company stands apart as one of the most valuable medical billing and physician credentialing companies on the Net.

Hippocratic Solutions’ professional physician services are the quickest way to give your workplace a healthy shot in the proverbial financial arm. Our experts utilize the latest Web-based technology to interface with insurance networks, expediting doctor compensation. Trained collection agents investigate and pursue patient receivables. Advanced techniques are employed to credential physicians, track documents, and achieve approval status. For a fraction of your payroll or opportunity costs, you can integrate an intelligent medical office solution from Hippocratic and never look back.

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