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Are you spending hours to write, edit and formatting your business proposals? Are you taking so much of your time checking for the accuracy of your proposals? If ever you want to ensure accuracy while maximizing your time in working for these proposals then, this review would be your best guide. is your new office productivity tool which is a web-based application. Its functions is to make your work easier without spending too much of your time in creating, managing and tracking your business proposals and communications. Since it makes use of simplicity of its interface, TinderBox is accessible to anyone and be able to maximize its features.

Mainly TinderBox does three things for you.

  • Create – you can quickly create elegant business proposals and even ensure consistency and accuracy of its contents.
  • Manage – you can manage your proposals easily from creation, editing, management, delivery and tracking process.
  • Track – The system will provide you the tracking reports. It provides you the information on how your prospects are interacting with your proposals.  You will be informed when your prospects have viewed the proposal, what sections they viewed, and how long they spent reviewing it.

To see for yourself and experience how TinderBox works, you may sign up for a free trial and you can see how efficient this tool for your business.

In addition, Drew Loftus one of the founders of TinderBox is providing us the important information we must know about TinderBox.

What is the URL of Your Website?

What is Your Vision for this Business?

Our vision is to provide a software tool that can allow organizations to easily create, manage, deliver, and track interactive business proposals.

What is the Business Plan or model?

Our model offers three products- a small business plan, professional plan, and enterprise package. Each product has specific features for either small, medium, or large sales organizations ranging from templates to and other custom integrations on the enterprise level. We charge monthly per user depending on the product and also offer implementation services for professional and enterprise users.

Why Did You Start this Website?

We truly built this website out of need. The entire TinderBox team has a background in sales and we’ve thought for years that the process of sending pdf proposals and then hoping for productive follow-up responses was outdated. We (and our customers) feel strongly that this is the right solution to help update the “status-quo” proposal process while helping companies leverage rich media and technology.

How are You Planning to market it?

We currently have a sales team of one (me) who handels our day-to-day business development. As we grow we’ll add to this team while investing in SEO/SEM.

Who are the Founders of this Website?

Kristian Andersen, Mike Fitzgerald, Dustin Sapp, and Drew Loftus

Where are You Located?


When Did you Start this Website?

Jan 2010

How are you Different from Your Competitors?

Mid-market to enterprise there aren’t any true 1:1 competitors that we know of. There is a lower price point product called Proposable that has great features for individuals or small teams that want to set the product up themselves and have no need for additional support. Although our Small Business package meets this same need the core of our business revolves around Professional and Enterprise which both require ongoing support and training. We also compete at the enterprise level with a variety of products that require significant investment ($50k+ upfront) for very specific needs and large scale implementations. We’ve found most companies at the enterprise level steer away from this kind of upfront investment.

Tell Me More About You or Your Business:

1. TinderBox went from concept to first paying customer in 120 days.
2. We’ve helped our clients send proposals totaling more than $7 million in our first 7 months of operation.
3. Marketing leaders tell us they love the brand consistency, use of video and tracking capabilities.
4. Sales leaders tell us they love the ease of assembly, the wow factor of web-based proposals and the notifications of a view by a prospect.
5. Recipients of a proposal delivered with TinderBox tell us they love the personalized content, the use of rich media and the intuitive design.
6. Credit card integration allows TinderBox to collapse the sales cycle and move from proposal to new business in a single step.
7. Integration with is launching in Jan.

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