Mobile Apps Outpace World Wide Web – Success is Just a Button Click Away!

As times and technologies change in the digital world one thing remains a constant; people crave convenience. The easier something is to access the more that people will fluctuate towards it. That is true in many aspects of life including, transport, finances and of course technology.

Technology particularly through the internet has evolved substantially over the past few decades. It was not too long ago during the advent of the internet that the World Wide Web was seen as the apex of internet technology. Today, according to recent consumer reports by Flurry, that is no longer true. Could it be that the World Wide Web has been overtaken by a more convenient, user friendly format? – Enter the world of the app, access with just a click.

In August of 2010 Wired Magazine published a rather boldly titled article:
The Web is dead. Long live the internet.
then predicted a trend was happening, a trend that has become the reality today. The web app has overtaken the World Wide Web in terms of usage rates. As per Flurry, according to the latest reports of mobile data stats from comScore and Alexa, in June of 2011, consumers spent 81 minutes per day using mobile apps, compared to 74 minutes of web surfing. Furthermore, according to a recent report by Mary Meeker and Matt Murphy, tablet and smartphone shipments have surpassed those of desktops and notebooks, an inevitability considering the portability of your android phone versus a PC. A new trend is here to embrace fellow entrepreneurs, and it comes in the form of fast and portable.

Thus, if you have an idea for an innovative, convenient and easy to use app now more than ever before is your time to capitalize. Now before you go off and develop your new easy to use “dog grooming iPhone app” there are a few trends you should be aware of. First, although consumers spend 9% more time on average, using mobile apps, the growth in mobile app usage comes mostly from more sessions per user, rather than longer sessions overall.

Also most heavy app users are reported to spend the majority of their time on leisurely functions, rather than more business oriented ones with 47% of their app time spent playing games and 32% of time spent on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. After that the news follows at a low 9%. So based on those stats it would indicate people want to stay entertained as well as informed socially, all at the convenience of their fingertips.

Bare that in mind my friends when developing your next idea. Establish what do people want? Well one of those is obvious – convenience. Gone are the days where web searching is the premium, people want their content fast and easy, quite literally in their hands. Once that is established, target and perfect your niche market – what do they want to be convenient and how am I going to more convenient than my competitors? Take those tips to heart and it is very possible your success will all be a matter of clicking a button.

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james wo June 21, 2011 at 9:56 pm

well that is all i use now days. no need to login once setup. love it.

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