Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Can Help you Track your Web and Online Success

As mentioned in my previous article web giant Google is attempting to become more social with the launch of their upcoming Google+ service, Google’s most recent attempt at success in the social media sector. However Google does not only want to innovate the way you use social media, they want to help you manage and track your online success using the social media already out there.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools have added new tools for tracking information like tweets, likes and +1s in your website’s traffic with the ability to then analyze that information. The basic features of these new tools include a “+1 Metrics Section” which provides feedback on the impact of the +1 Button on a search. The analytics then show how these +1s affect your website’s (CTR) click through rate, tracking the amount of +1s per page visited. This tool then maintains an accurate graph, so you can track the data over time.

To go along with those new tools Google also added the Activity report and Audience report features to their improved Webmaster Tools. The Activity report displays how many +1s your website pages have received. While the Audience report takes it a step further and displays geographic and demographic data about users that have +1′d your website.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature in the updated Webmaster tools is the new Social Plugin Tracking tool for Google Analytics. This tool compares the impact of different types of social actions on your website. It tracks +1s as well as other social network actions like Twitter tweets and Facebook Likes. These social Plugin Tracking features are broken into three categories, Social Engagement, Social Actions and Social Pages. Social Engagement tracks visitor behavior such as, time spent on your site, pages viewed etc. Social Actions tracks the numbers of actions done on your site including, +1’s, tweets and likes. Social Pages compares your page to others based on the number of social actions they receive.

For people who have their own websites, myself included this is a great tool. Not only does it track your web success as per the number of likes, +1’s etc. It provides data outside the Google network delving into Facebook and Twitter. While information such as the demography and geography of your visitors is an extremely valuable tool to have as you can see exactly who your audience is so you can better appeal to them. Fellow entrepreneurs and web enthusiasts out there, let’s use this knowledge to empower ourselves and our websites and ventures to new, unseen heights! Because as they say: Knowledge is power.

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