5 Tips to Make Money with the CPA Networks

There are certain things you need to know about CPA networks. First, CPA, sometimes referred to as “Cost Per Action” is a type of internet marketing where consumers only need to carry out specific ‘actions’ for the referring affiliate to get paid. This means that it is a very easy way of making money online, as no product or service needs to be purchased. There are many types of actions required for the consumer to do. Some of the simple tasks are requesting a free sample of a product, filling in a form or signing up for a free trial of a product. There are many other cases, where the consumer needs to make a small purchase to try a new product or service. The great thing with CPA is that those are actions that involve little or no cost to the consumer, and is therefore ready to take the steps.

What is a CPA Network?

CPA networks are middle-companies or organizations which stand between the advertisers or companies that are ready to pay for leads and affiliates or publishers who want to make money for referring consumers to the offers of the companies.

How CPA Networks Work

Companies that have products or services need to make their products known to the public, but it is not possible for them to do everything alone. Therefore, they look for CPA networks, as those are organizations with a pool of publishers or affiliates with websites to promote the offers. There are many CPA networks, and most of them have hundreds or thousands of companies with different offers, paying as high as $100 for each valid referral.

How To Make Money With CPA Networks

In CPA, as a publisher or affiliate, the consumer does not need to buy the products or services before you will make money. This makes people to think that it is easy to make money with CPA. Of course, it is easy, but if you are not following the right strategies, you would not make anything. This is what happens to thousands of affiliates today. They are not making any money, while there are many others making thousands of dollars per day.

To join the CPA money-makers, these are the 5 tips for you:

  1. Weekly payment – Join CPA networks that pay on a weekly basis. There are some which pay monthly but the best thing is not to let your money be tied down for too long, as there have been cases of advertisers or CPA networks going out of business without notice.
  2. Many offers – Join CPA networks that have many offers for you to promote.
  3. High commission – Join CPA networks that pay higher. Advertisers join different networks and pay different rates of commission for the same promotion. Therefore, you need to investigate before signing up for an offer.
  4. Traffic and leads tracking – Good networks have a good tracking system for the traffic and the leads you have generated. They also have a system for you to monitor your earnings. Therefore, those are the CPA networks that you should join.
  5. Reputation – There are thousands of CPA networks out there. The danger is that you may not be paid if you join the network that does not have a hood reputation. There are good ones with history of prompt payment, good customer support, and various advertising tools to help you make money. Those are the CPA networks that you should join.

You will make money with CPA networks if you consider those tips. Some other important things to consider are:

  • Take advantage of YouTube traffic for the CPA offers you are promoting.
  • Promote offers requiring simple tasks like submitting zip codes and emails.
  • Promote offers that people are crazy about. For instance, offers for video or computer games perform well.
  • Do not chase offers with high payout like $100. They are not easy to convert. Offers of $0.5 to $2 perform better.

The major challenge is getting approved to CPA networks. Make sure you are honest with your application, as those companies are very strict when it comes to accepting new affiliates. Make sure you follow their terms and conditions as that will always guarantee that you are paid at the end of the week.

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