Listening to Your Own Advice – How to Make Money On the Internet

One of the most gratifying parts of operating a self-help website is that I hear from people who’ve seen success in making money on the internet. All this because many of them have been following my website and others BUT they have actually made an effort to follow through. They were persistent with their goals and achieved their success.

Sometimes I read the emails from these successful people and I tell myself that “wow, I should read all of my blog postings and or implement half the advice I give people on this blog.”

I am sure you all know why I am saying this today. Startup Booster website could use a tune-up right now. I know I have made big goals to make this blog a success. Although it has been just a hobby and I don’t spend more than a couple of hours in a week, I believe time has come to give face lift for my website.

Few thoughts for my own website makeover:

Regular Posting. I have made commitments to make regular postings on this website. However, it doesn’t seem that way. Although I share with many of you over my newsletter, I don’t post as many blog postings as I want to. I have a few more hours that I am not using properly. I have made a commitment to spend a little extra on this website.

User Friendly. Although I believe the website is user friendly, I think I can make a few more modifications to make it simpler. I think this will not only help attract more visitors, it will make the site sticky – yes to keep the visitors coming back to the site often. I will be playing around with fonts and a few other setup within the page.

Ad Testing. As most of you will know, I have not used this site to monetize for the longest. I am sure many of you would have recognize that. However, over the last couple of weeks I have been playing around with Google Adsense. It made me realize how much money I left on the table. What do I mean by that? Well it means, on a daily basis, I lost nearly 15 to 20 dollars on the table all these days. It means I could have made 15 to 20 dollars a day just by adding Google Adsense. Today, my Google Adsense Revenue is doing well and I am making a small income. My goal is to play around with Google Adsense a little more and or look for affiliate opportunities.

Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur. I have a backlog of sites I need to review. I have made an effort to make this automatic. I will be posting more website reviews. After all this website grew on reviewing other websites.

I have a few other thoughts on what I need to do to tune-up my website to make money on the internet. But for now, if I can just make the above changes, I think I will be happy. Then I will go back and read many of my other postings and newsletter.

If you have not signed up for my newsletter, please do so. I provide many insights on how to make money online.

PS> I wanted to write this today because I feel that we could all be reading many websites and blogs but if you don’t make the effort to sit down and do the work, there is no way you could make money. Sometimes you all just need to follow your own advice. Just follow what you teach others.

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