Boosting ZipRecruiter – Makes Hiring Faster, Easier and Cheaper

Today we are reviewing, a site that makes hiring faster, easier and cheaper for everyone involved.

We all know that hiring is not easy. When hiring someone, we are inundated with so many resumes and the recruiter have to make the right choice. Websites like ZipRecruiter could definitely help you save time and money. Zip Recruiter seems to work like a job distribution and job aggregation service. Jobs that are posted on ZipRecruiter is fed to 30+ niche online job posting boards including Craigslist, Yakaz, indeed, eBay Classifieds, etc. The tool also allows applicants to track and screen resumes.

We interviewed Rachel Dotson from ZipRecruiter and this is what Rachel had to say:

What is the URL of Your Website?

What is Your Vision for this Business?

ZipRecruiter’s mission is to make hiring faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before. With just one submission employers can post jobs to more than 25 of the web’s leading job boards and social networks. To ease the screening process, they can opt to include a short quiz to gauge applicant knowledge and fit. All applicants are aggregated into a single list in ZipRecruiter, where recruiting teams can work together to rate, label, share, and track candidates.

What is the Business Plan or model?

ZipRecruiter users can select from several month-to-month plans, which range in price from $59 to $199. More details about the pricing and what’s included in each plan is available at

Why Did You Start this Website?

Tired of the tedious and often expensive nature of existing online job boards, ZipRecruiter’s four co-founders set out to fix a problem they experienced regularly in their professional lives. They started ZipRecruiter as a side venture while working at other early to mid-stage startups.

How are You Planning to market it?

ZipRecruiter employs a number of inbound and outbound marketing strategies, and are proud to say that nearly 1/3 of our new users come from word-of-mouth.

Who are the Founders of this Website?

Ian Siegel is a co-founder and the CEO; his co-founders include Joe Edmonds, Ward Poulos, and Will Redd.

Where are You Located?

Santa Monica, CA

When Did you Start this Website?

March 2010

How are you Different from Your Competitors?

Job board distribution was an untapped market when we created ZipRecruiter. Until recently, there wasn’t really anyone else in the space. Aside from our  incredibly intuitive UI and wealth of features (, the ZipRecruiter team is fully committed to the Customers First mentality. Perhaps the most frequently asked question in the ZipRecruiter office is “How can we make this better for the users?”

Tell Me More About You or Your Business:

Entrepreneur Magazine named ZipRecruiter 1 of 3 job-focused startups leading the way in 2012.

Please visit to learn more about this online job posting tool.

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