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Today we were contacted by Gene Milman of – A startup that helps Brides with Wedding Planning.

This is a started that was launched in May of 2010. If you are looking for a tool to help plan your important day, then check out We had the following questions for Gene.

What is the URL of Your Website?

What is Your Vision for this Business? is a new startup website looking to revolutionize the way brides plan their weddings. The idea is simple, a bride becomes a member of our site (for free) and with our unique web application tool she is given a list of top quality vendors in her area. Brides can find everything from venues to DJ’s in our system, this way everything she needs is all in one place. Once she has selected her list of potential vendors, she then contacts the vendor and works out the specific details with them. Once terms are finalized, the bride comes back to our site and inputs the contract amount details. Because we allow vendors to be a part of our site for free, they must give a rebate/cash back to our brides if they choose them from our site. This way, brides are able to save a significant amount of money just by using our website. Rebates are normally anywhere from 5-15%, when you take into consideration that the average wedding costs $30,000, that could be a nice return that the bride gets back.

What is the Business Plan or model?

We want to revolutionize the way brides plan their weddings. We want to take as much hassle out of planning a wedding as we can, while at the same time providing the brides with top quality vendors. We also want to save our brides money because weddings are expensive, every dollar saved is going to help. Our business plan is to get in front of as many brides as possible by networking and securing relationships with existing vendors in the industry. With our sponsor system, vendors can refer brides to our site and they will receive 10% of the total rebate money the bride gets back. It’s a win win situation for both the bride and the vendor/sponsor.

Why Did You Start this Website?

Simply because there is nothing exactly like this out there. Being in the wedding industry also gave us great insight on the struggles of planning a wedding, with our website the majority of those struggles are eliminated.

How are You Planning to market it?

Our main marketing model is going to be in the form of sponsors. Basically, anyone that refers a bride to our site will receive 10% of the total rebate money the bride gets back from the vendors she chooses. For a $30,000 wedding (which is average) and an average total rebate of 10%, a sponsor can look to make $300+ from a single bride. This is very powerful for someone that works with brides on a daily basis and can easily refer upwards of 10 brides a month.

Who are the Founders of this Website?

Yanni Elyash and Alex Shilkrut.

Where are You Located?

Chicago, Illinois

When Did you Start this Website?

May 2010

How are you Different from Your Competitors?

There are many websites out there that deal in wedding planning. Most just give tips and guides, a few let you find vendors as well. However, we have yet to find one with a system like ours where brides are given the opportunity to select top quality vendors and get money back in the process.

Tell Me More About You or Your Business:

Yanni runs a successful wedding design studio and works with hundreds of brides a year. We know that there is a market for a site like ours and that brides would see the value in it.

Please visit for more information.

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