Pillars of Reader-Friendly Email Marketing

Have you been sending out mails that don’t receive any feedbacks or responses? Has your subscriber list rapidly grown short over the past few months? Could you be sending e-mails that are an eyesore for your subscribers? If you think this is the case, here are a few tips to ensure that you never lose a subscriber again.

Start With the Inbox Experience

When you open your inbox, your eyes automatically scan the subject lines and sender names of your mails. If you can’t read the entire subject, or if the sender name is unclear and complicated, you are not likely to open the mail at all. The same goes for your subscribers. If you want your subscribers to actually open your mail, you should fix your “From:” field and your subject line.

Ensure that the “From:” field contains the name of the sender along with the name of the company, rather than a hyperlink or nested name. Secondly, ensure that your subject line fits in the space provided in the inbox view. Aim to keep it under 50 characters. In fact, if you have a huge number of mobile subscribers, consider keeping it under 20 characters.

Also, fit in a real e-mail address at which your subscribers can send their feedback. This helps to assure them that you are a human being sending them mail.

Work on the Body of the Mail

If you manage to get your subscribers to open your mails, your next step is to ensure that they actually read them. The use of colors and color combinations is especially important. Using blaring contrasts may make the words more readable, but at the same time, the contrast may not be pleasing to the eye and it may put off the reader.

Make sure you use a constant font and font size throughout the mail. Your goal is to reduce the number of distractions, so that your readers can read the mail uninterrupted. If you keep making changes to the font or the font size, your reader’s attention will be diverted every once in a while and the mail will probably be left unread.

Keep the mail short and easy to read. You only need to provide little nuggets of information in your mail about the product you want to sell. You can save the huge body of text for your website. Make sure that your call-to-action is easily accessible, so that the reader does not need to search for it when he or she wants to reach your landing page.

Finally, structure your mail into little chunks, rather than long paragraphs. This makes the text easier to read. Using highlighting methods and other visual tricks, you can drive the reader’s attention to the important parts of the mail.

Do Away With Distractions

Finally, to make sure that your readers actually read your mails fully, you need to eliminate all distractions, such as GIFs, images and advertisements that have nothing to do with the mail.

These steps will ensure that your subscribers open and actually read your mails, and perhaps even click on your call-to-action.

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