Four Rules You Must Remember to Avoid Online Marketing Scams

There are various scams online that promise to make you instant money through their “techniques” or “incentives”. It is difficult to find the genuine money making programs from all the different scams that are available online. However, if you keep the following four tips in mind, you will find that you can easily steer clear of the online scams.

Rule 1: No Disclosure

If the website tries to sell you something that is apparently very valuable, but gives you no information on the product, you should instantly avoid it. No matter how much it tries to confirm that it is a genuine product, it is best to stay from this kind of items. Finding out about a product only after buying the product is the first tell tale sign of a money making scam.

Rule 2: Signing People Up

Many make money online scams also try to sign on as many people as possible. If all the company bothers about is signing on new people, it is probably a make money online scan you should stay clear of.

This probability is even more pronounced when the website has no actual product to sell. The website might also try to lure new members by explaining about the “pyramid” scene where there are various levels of introduction offering returns. Sometimes, you might also be required to pay for a highly priced unusable product, in order to be part of the network scheme. This is called a pyramid scheme setup, associated most commonly with network marketing.

Rule 3: Not Enough Information Available

One of the best ways to ascertain if a website is a scam site or not is through Google. Just search for the name of the company followed by “scam” or “rip off” or “fraud”. If you find any websites or discussions for these results, you will know whether or not the website is a fraud.

However, even if you do not find any information about the company, keep your distance from it. This might be because there is nothing good worth mentioning about the company, or because the company is not in existence at all. If you feel the company or the site is new, try contacting them before signing up. See what kind of response you receive before you make up your mind.

Rule 4: No Free Money – Very Important Rule to Follow

Trust me when I say this. I’ve looked into many of these so called free money scams and I have been victim of a few. There is NO FREE MONEY out there. If it is so easy, why would they give it to you? Anyone offers you free money or easy money making opportunity, or Return of Investment (ROI) that is hard to believe, is most likely luring you to a corner to rip all of money off you.

You have to earn your money. Anyone telling you otherwise, is trying to make money off of you first. I would stay away from such scams.

If any of the above four criteria are fulfilled by a website, it is probably a scam website that will offer you no returns whatsoever. If you come across such a website, steer clear of it to save your money, no matter how tempting their offer.

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