7 Ways to Enhance Your Email Subscriber list

One of the best strategies for a small business is to have a strong database of prospects and leads. What are the ways to establish a quality subscriber list? Just by adding “sign up here” button on the home page will not yield best results. Let us examine a few simple strategies you may use to establish an email list, which will be envious for other businesses in the field.

Let it be simple: Customer should feel it an easy task to sign up for newsletter. The signup form should be put on the home page itself. Whenever customers buy anything online, there should be an email sign-up option as well.

Utilize social media: It is recommended to place the web form on your company’s Facebook page. This particular approach will help you to expand your customer base and at the same time, you can improve online following.

QR Codes usage: Use Quick Response (QR) codes for various offline marketing materials which when scanned by any Smartphone will go straight to an email sign up form. You can get the QR codes printed on posters, magazine advertisements, business cards and store signage.

Work through Social Sharing– Almost all email programs now have the capacity for sharing the e-newsletter via social networks. It is one of the best ways to make the present subscribers inform their friends about your content. Readers should be encouraged to share their stories with the help of the text at the end.

Give incentives – People like to obtain “something for nothing”. You should offer a few things like a free download, 10% discount for signing up for the newsletter, or a white paper. You must have encountered the pop-up on this website offering you a FREE book to download on how to make money on the internet. This is one of my ways of growing my email subscription.

Content should be great– You should ensure that your email newsletter should have strong content, which can attract the reader’s attention. You should consider re-purposing the content of the blog post as an email article, if you have seen the positive influence of the blog posts on your business. You should try out various ways with the help of which your customers are compelled to open future newsletters.

Evade Paid List Services – Don’t pay for email lists, though it may be the quick way to procure a list of names. Many times it so happens that unless the person signs up for receiving the information, he will not be interested to read it. It is better to have quality material than quantity. You may also get yourself in trouble based on the jurisdiction you live in for spamming people.

You may try to follow few of the suggested strategies to improve your list without opting for buying the lists and awaiting sign ups. I could speak for very long as to why you need a good subscription list. Everything boils down to a good email list of followers. If you don’t have this already, start today. Trust me. It is not too late.

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