YouTube-ing Your Way to the Bank – Make Money Online with Youtube

YouTube is popular because anyone with access to a camera, on their phone or just any digital camera, can put up their videos online and get their five minutes of fame. Making money with Youtube is not new but many still don’t know how to take full advantage of it to make money on the internet.

There have been many online celebrities created by YouTube, and their incomes are surprisingly high for someone who merely puts up videos, such as Shane Dawson ($315,000), The Annoying Orange ($290,000) and Philip DeFranco ($180,000) (*1).

Even if you are not a Shane Dawson or an Annoying Orange, you could still supplement your existing income through YouTube! What’s it in for you? Nothing other than a fair amount of fun and some extra money! And most of all, it’s easy!

You can increase your reach to people as up to 70% of the YouTube traffic is based outside the US. It is localized across 54 languages and in 39 countries.

You can make money through YouTube in 4, major ways:

  • Just Your Luck – Sometimes, you just get lucky. You can’t explain it, it’s just something that happens. You might be in the right place at the right time and you happen to catch something funny on video. You upload it, thinking that this would be worth a laugh or two, and before you know it, VOILA! Your video has gone viral, or become a meme! You get millions of views, so you add advertising to it and there you go! Money!
  • Upload, Upload, and Away – In this method, you basically put up anything that you capture. Do not bother with editing, it’s merely a matter of putting up lots of videos. If you put up around 7 videos in one day, you would have 2550 videos after a year. Say you get 8 views per video”

Daily Views in the 1st Year – 20,440

Views per Month – 613, 200

If you get $3 for 1000 views, per month – $1840

Monthly Income in the 2nd Year – $3680

Monthly Income in the 3rd Year – $5520

Monthly Income in the 5th year – $9200

Of course, this kind of result would need consistency and a fair amount of hard work. While it is ambitious, it is certainly possible.

  • Producing Videos – Maybe you want to make money through a proper and reputed channel that you built. You can do this by making well-polished videos that have a link to each other. This is what most of the YouTube channel owners strive to achieve, as they wish to create a faithful following. Your primary source of income here would be through affiliates and sponsors, and the secondary source would be through YouTube partner advertising.
  • Selling Indirectly – Yet another way to make money through YouTube, you can direct your viewers to another site altogether through videos. Advertising is of no consequence to you here. All you will be looking for are sale conversions.

These are the four most common ways through which you can use YouTube to make more money, while having a good time doing it! Keep in mind that the results of these strategies are CUMULATIVE. Start today to earn up to substantial rewards within a year!

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(*1) The figures used in this article have not been verified independently. They were obtained from other sources on the internet. Source Read Top 10 Youtube Partners Making Lots of Money.

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