Don’t Have a Mobile Website? Don’t Make One if You Are Not Interested in Making Money

Are you a business with a strong website online? Do you have a website for your mobile audience? If you have neglected to create a version of your website that is mobile-friendly, you might be losing more customers than you suspect.

The statistics by Pew Internet and American Life Project state that nearly 88 % of adults in the U.S. possess and use a cell phone of some kind as of April 2012. Out of these users, 55 % admitted to using their cell phones to surf the Internet. In 2009 the number was only 31 % of mobile users used internet on their mobile devices. These numbers do not take into consideration another set of people who use devices such as tablets to surf the web.

The real eye opener in their report is that 31 % of the current mobile internet users use mobile phones as their primary tool for internet usage. They do not use a laptop or a desktop computer to surf the internet. This basically makes the point as to why you need you website to be compatible with mobile phones.

The growing problem for local, small businesses is that they do not consider it worth their while to invest in a mobile-friendly website. Less than 30 percent among small businesses have created a mobile website despite the rise in mobile internet traffic.

Consider a person who, on a visit to the city, sees a restaurant and decided he wants to eat there. Heavily dependent on his Smartphone, he decides to check the menu online. Upon opening the website, he is greeted with a Flash-heavy website that takes forever to load on his phone. Completely put off by this, he walks on and leaves the shop behind.

With the increasing number of people dependent on their smartphones to find out about various businesses, the business owners really need to take into consideration the need to have a mobile-friendly website. Without content that can be easily accessed on a smaller screen and a slower data connection, the potential customer might just walk away from the shop to another one down the street.

However, when you are designing a mobile-friendly website, there are some things to be kept in mind to optimize the website for the mobile screen.

  • Ensure that the company’s name, contact information and address are at the top of the screen in plain text. This is the most important information to be given, and the plain text ensures that it loads easily. Many times people just want to find the address or the phone number to call the business. So this information is vital.
  • Keep your website as light as possible by including only text and maybe, images. Do not put Flash content as many devices do not support it, and it takes too long to load anyway.
  • Keep your information as simple and straightforward as possible. Do not ask them to download anything, such as PDFs, in order to access the information they need. The text should be easily read on a small screen and the navigation of your website should be simple as well.
  • When you are considering the mobile site, think what you as a customer wants to find out from your website on a rush. Put that information on the website. This is critical that you think from a customer’s perspective. Especially a busy customer.

Don’t wait for too long. If you have a website for your business, you need to seriously consider having a mobile version of your website to keep your customers and gain new customers.

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Jane August 25, 2012 at 7:33 am

Hi. This is very helpful. I have been looking for ways to make money on the Internet but never thought of YouTube. God knows how much time I alone spend on YouTube watching videos. This could really work for me.

Going to try one video a week first.

Thanks for the motivation.

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