How to Become Famous on the Internet for Under 100 Dollars

Are You Worried that You are Not Famous Online? Don’t Worry You can Buy Youtube Views and Other Social Fans!

Do not worry if you feel that no one know who you are on the internet today. I will show you ways that will get your friends lined up with their wallets opened to see you in no time. Yes this can happen and this article will give you all the pros and cons of buying social fame. Social fame comes from having a big fans base on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other social networking sites.

For many people, the appearance of fame on the internet directly correlates with how many fans they have on their social profiles such as on Twitter, Facebook pages, etc, etc. Haven’t you stumbled upon a profile with 1000s of fans and say “what the f…?” well yes that is exactly the reaction you are bound to get when you have 1000s of fans for your social profiles. Now, don’t you want that?

The appearance of fame or popularity as some likes to put it can be bought online for a very low price. Competition among the vendors that are selling these services has increased over the last few months and hence your price to fame has gone down drastically. Yes become famous on the internet for less than 100 bucks.

You can easily buy youtube views, buy twitter followers, buy facebook fans, etc. etc. Yes you can buy your social fans and you can buy them for real cheap.

For example, you can buy 1,000 additional twitter followers for anywhere from $5 and up. To increase your youtube views by 5,000 all you got to spend is another $10 or so. If that is not enough for you, you can spend another 20 dollars or so and get more than 500 facebook likes to your facebook page! Yes this is what it costs now days to gain popularity on the internet. It is that easy if you got some money to spare.

Just a couple of months ago, New York Times published an article in which it profiled a comedian who paid to increase his popularity on Twitter. What was the damage to him? Well it cost him $424.15 to gain more than 220,000 twitter followers to his account. Well what did he have before? Was he famous? Well maybe he was famous within his comedian world but not on the internet. Dan Nainan had only 700 twitter followers before he decided to boost his popularity with money! Is it money spent wisely for Mr. Nainan? Well you be the judge of that and I promise you that you will have enough information on this article to decide if this is for you or not. As I write this article, comedian Nainan has 242,757 twitter followers for his twitter profile.

Why You Should Buy Youtube Views, Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, etc:

As you can see from the above example, it would have comedian Nainan years to get to 242,757 followers but within a few short months, he was able to pull this off. Why? Because he got the boost necessary to build his own fans base. People in general tend to follow those that are famous.

We as human beings tend to believe if someone has 220,000 twitter followers then they are famous and that we should worship them compared to someone with just a few hundred twitter followers. Just because of this very human nature, they tend to follow you when you have many fake fans. For a regular user, they would not know that you have a huge fake follower base. Nor they care that you do. They only care that your twitter follower count is huge and hence that you must be famous and that you are worthy of following.

So once you have an initial boost from these fake twitter followers, you tend to gain a huge amount of real followers. Similar effect when you buy youtube views to increase your views on videos you post on youtube. Once you buy enough youtube views to pass a certain threshold, your video will be recognized by many other real viewers as youtube receives millions of viewers every hour.

As you can see from comedian Nainan’s example, he had around 220,000 followers after he purchased the twitter followers in August 2012. As I write this article, he is at 242,757. He tweets here and there but not a very frequent twitter. He seems to have something to say on a daily basis but mainly about his whereabouts.

Truthfully this may not add any value to a fan but given that he had 220,000 fans to begin with, he may have attracted the rest of the fans easily over the past two and half months. I can’t see if the new fans are real or not but it is such an amazing achievement for comedian Nainan because if my assumptions are correct, he has about 25,000 real fans. He collected the 25,000 real fans within 3 month.

This is a real achievement for someone who had less than 1000 twitter followers to begin with. Who knows how long it took him to get the initial 700 he had in August.

Even the Presidential Candidate in the United States is buying fake twitter followers!

Another great example of this sort of activity is by the very own United States of America’s Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. NBC News reported that in July of 2012, a suspicious increase in twitter followers for Mitt Romney. I am not going to get into details but you can read more about it on the NBC News page. I will however touch on this later in the article as to why it may backfire on you.

The same sort of boost will be given to you other social profiles such as a facebook fans page, google plus page, youtube videos, etc with such fake fan purchase. You can use the initial boost as an opportunity to build off of that and gain real views or real fans.

Why You Should Not Buy Social Fans such as Youtube Views, Twitter Followers, Facebook likes etc:

First of all, fake followers and fake views don’t mean anything to your bottom line. They do not add any value what so ever to your profitability with those fake fans. They are fake period.

These fake fans are not real people. They are fake accounts created by automated programs (bots) and then those bots will like or follow your profile. It is that simple. Don’t expect 200,000 accounts to be manually created by someone and then to follow your profile manually. If that is the case, I can bet that it would cost more than $1/twitter follower or $1/youtube views or $1/facebook likes.

It won’t even be affordable for the vendors to be in this business. Therefore, all of these fake fame is created for you by automated bots. Therefore the fake profiles are rarely updated or kept up to date on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. The fake profiles at some point, when the social site catches up, will be deleted or removed. Hence, your followers could one day disappear (all at once)!

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are already taking measures to prevent such activities. You can read more on Facebook Notes – facebook fake likes.

As you can see, this will ruin your reputation in a matter of hours. As you have celebrated your gain in popularity on the day you’ve gained enormous amount of fans, on the day you lose them all, you will have to explain to your real fans what the heck just happened. This could really hurt your reputation UNLESS you have put mechanisms in place to use initial boost provided by fake followers to gain a lot more real followers. This way even if your fake fans are gone, you will have a substantial number of real fans. No one can really tell the difference.

So you can see there are pros and cons to this approach. You need to decide what you need to get your online campaign going to build your identify. You may want to buy youtube views to build your youtube profile in the early days and then once you start picking up traction, stop buying youtube views and focus on earning them from real visitors. Same strategy can be applied for other social networking sites.

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