Welcome to StartupBooster.com – a blog that helps online startups navigate through emerging technologies and marketing opportunities to succeed.

My name is Guna Deivendran and I am a part-time Blogger paving the way for new entrepreneurs to follow and succeed. I can’t say that I am making a living off of Blogging like many Bloggers will claim. That certainly is not my goal either. I am blogging out of passion and I hope you find my blog useful for your next online venture.

My passion for technology and what it has to offer to all of us to make our lives simpler got me started with online ventures while in High School which is about 13 to 14 years ago. I would come up with technological solutions to help me with my life, then I would share it with my friends and if they all love it, I would turn it into a small business. If it takes off, I would sell it as a profitable business and pocket the money. I’ve done this over and over again that at one point I’ve left University to do just that.

In this industry, over the past many years, I have experienced both successes and failures. I would say that I had failed more than I’ve succeeded but each time I succeed, it makes up for all of my previous failures. To truly be an entrepreneur you have to live and learn. You have to also learn to not give up.

I never thought about blogging but it all started off in 2007 when I came across this domain name along with my eagerness to pass on my experiences to others. I’ve setup a blog within 24 hours and got this going but didn’t have a real goal until few months ago.

Why StartupBooster?

This blog is dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs learn the basic techniques necessary to succeed with their online ventures, share their experiences with others and promote their new startups.

In a competitive world, with less up front capital, many startups are gone unknown to the world. My goal is to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their story with my readers like yourself and others. I know how hard it is for a new entrepreneur to drive traffic to their new site. I want to lend you a hand to get started.

If you have some useful information to share with my readers, send me a guest post and I will be happy to post it on my blog.

Stay in touch with me

Subscribe to StartupBooster and stay in touch with me. Let me know how your online ventures are going and pass on your experiences to others through my blog. You can subscribe to this blog by following this link (Subscribe). You can also follow me on Twitter (StartupBooster on Twitter) for daily updates.

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